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Wine as the Paradigm

Who Do You Want to Share Your Evening With

by The Cheeky Wine Guide – July 31, 2012

WineKay was breathless when she was recalling her experience. For once she was doing the selecting. Some were very attractive based on their coloring, some had great shapes, but in the end, it really didn’t boil down to a particular characteristic. As Kay put it, “I just had to decide which one I wanted to spend the rest of the evening with.”

Kay was not at a speed dating event, but rather she was – for the first time – on an official wine tasting committee for a local newspaper. Kay works at a Napa winery and she is used to waiting for the media to score and evalute the wines from her employer. Will they find them worthy of 90+ points? Will they recommend them as a best buy? Will they make the top ten of the year list? Being on the other side of the judging was an eye-opening experience for her as she was being asked to judge the quality of the wines in front of her.

For me, I was struck with her words – “which one do we want to spend the rest of the evening with?” And, once again, I found that what described the smaller context of the wine world actually serves as a paradigm for one of our most ardent searches. What Kay describes as the crux of wine selection accurately described what we are all looking for in a date or mate. Sure we may want someone buff, or someone with dreamy eyes, but in the end we want someone that we want around us, someone we enjoy enough to want to spend an evening, a week, a lifetime with…

P.S. Kay was tasting rose wines.  If you are a fan of rose, please email and share your favorites!

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