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What Are YOU Wearing?

by Kari Radjewski – October 31, 2012

Admit it or not, you walk Chicago rues giving makeovers with your eyes and taking mental photographs of others’ style to translate for later. Find safety in numbers, because there’s plenty more people like you and they’re on the new social networking site meant for outfit judging and loving.

Come out of the closet with and make the world your mirrorA perfect marriage between Pinterest and Facebook, but better; keep track of your clothing collection, what you wore and when; post outfit pictures as style inspiration or for advice; kill time browsing others’ wardrobes, and more.

The Basics

The simple one-two process requires creating a profile and adding pics. The very basic gist of the site lies within two categories, “My Look” and “This or That:” 1. My Look shares how you wore an outfit. For example, add a picture of yourself in a mint blouse, black leather leggings and leopard heels. Tag photos with searchable key words; “mint,”“printed shoes,” “night out.” Once the photo is labeled, click on the tag to see ensembles with the same wording. You can also keep track of what you wore, when you last wore it and who you were with by using dates or friends’ names as tags for personal reference.

2. This or That requires two uploads of an outfit worn slightly differently. Other users vote for their fave and provide feedback to help you decide which to wear. Tag and label pics to keep yourself organized and browse-ready.



The Brains:

It makes sense Chicago is the source of such a cool idea. Cheeky entrepreneur, Farissa Knox, decided to add to her brand with a site uniting fashion lovers around the world.

“Wouldn’t it be great if folks could post their outfits and get feedback about what they are wearing or see how they could wear something differently?  …The name ‘What R U Wearing’ is based on the first question we ask our friends whenever we go somewhere, “What are you wearing?”

[Amen sister, you know me too well!] Founders

That's me between Farissa on the left and Sara on the right!


With that, she recruited sidekick Sara Visser. Marketing skills, social networking savviness and one eye always focused on fashion; in other words, the perfect person to help Farissa execute her vision.

Together, over two trying years of highs and lows, these ladies have worked to create a user-friendly style sharing site that is now LIVE for you and me to start “networking”!!

So what are you wearing on

About the Author: Kari Radjewski

A Cheeky girl makes a first impression without saying a word. That’s what Kari loves most about fashion; dressing to express the day’s mood and mission. Girly, preppy, hobo or rock 'n’ roll, her style can’t be defined, always channeling inspiration from the runway and translating looks onto the “real way.” You can see more of Kari’s resourceful sense of style and read her quirky anecdotes on her personal blog, Style at a $teal.