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What to Buy for Everyone on Your V-Day List

Single and Loving It, Happily Whipped or It's Complicated?

by Katelyn Finn – February 8, 2012

With the first few days of February behind us, it is nearly inevitable that one begins to ponder Valentine’s Day. This particular celebration of love is quite controversial: whether you buy into the Hallmark creation of the candlelit dinner, chocolates and a bouquet of roses, or maybe the opposite – burning pictures of your ex while blasting girl power music a la Meredith Brooks’s “I’m a B*tch,” everyone comes to some sort of resolution with the day that is February 14th. While you may fall into the category of the hopeless romantic who looks forward to celebrating her coupledom with a Lady and the Tramp spaghetti smooch, or that of the Miss Independent who would rather indulge in a night of dinner and dancing with her single ladies because the last guy they were with was too much of a dummy to put a ring on it, this Valentine’s Day gift guide will be sure to indulge each and every one of your hearts. Plus you can find awesome, Valentine’s Day steals at Meijer with coupons!

You’re on cloud nine. You’ve been dating Mr. Right for a while now and couldn’t be happier (if you’re not her, then you know someone like her: giddy and smiling like an idiot on the train because she is “just head over heels”).  While your Casanova may make you weak in the knees with a devilish grin here or a French kiss there, he is lacking in the gift giving department (his last gift may resemble that of a kitchen appliance). Wanna help loverboy out a bit?  Take a hint from Holly Golightly herself: Tiffany’s. No woman has ever been disappointed by the iconic Blue Box/White Ribbon combo. Too common, you say? Too predictable? For those of you who jumped to that conclusion, may I present you: Frank Gehry, architectural genius and (lucky us) designer for Tiffany’s. For a gift that says, “Let me shower you with classic luxury” while also tying in, “I appreciate your individuality,” Frank Gehry’s Hearts Pendant will take your breath away. You’re welcome.

You’re on cloud nine. You’ve been single for a while now and couldn’t be happier (if you’re not her, then you know someone like her: kicking ass at her job and in spin class, making every guy she walks past drool, all while making it seem incredibly effortless). While we all know you take pride in your independence (read as: you’re your own handy man because, who needs a man?), every now and then you must treat yourself. Be that a fabulous spa pedicure, a blow out for Saturday night or, in this case, an indulgent purchase – Valentine’s Day is the single girl’s excuse to spoil herself. So, show yourself some love with this darling Sonia by Sonia Rykiel Heart Print Silk Blouse.  Perfect with a pair of jeans and killer heels, or perhaps more ladylike with a skirt, this top is the ideal “me” gift.

Now now, Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be all about yours truly: share the love! Cupid’s holiday is for telling people you care about just how special they are. For the girl who cheers you up when you’ve walked out of the bathroom with your skirt tucked into your underwear; for the girl that pours a drink on the guy that said some not-so-nice things about you; for the girl who, without her, you wouldn’t be the person you are today: show her some lovin’. What better way to say “thanks for being you” than by giving your best bud this fabulous Kate Spade New York ‘Spade’ Hinged Bangle? Available in many colors, you can choose which hue suits her best.

In keeping with the generous spirit, don’t forget about the friend who just broke up with “the only man who will ever love me.” Allow me to set the scene: she’s been in sweats for over 48 hours, hasn’t washed her hair in God knows how long, Ben & Jerry’s is no longer a frosty treat – it’s a food group – and The Notebook is on repeat. Slowly but surely, remove her from the imprint her tush has made in the couch and get her out of the house. This gift idea is a two-for-one: give your girl’s puffy eyes a sexy makeover with Benefit’s Big Beautiful Eyes Kit, give her a glass (or three) of Moet & Chandon’s and make your way to the nearest venue that has (or will allow) dancing (bouncing up and down after one too many Roses). She’ll love you even more than she already does.

Don’t think I forgot about the next best thing to a boyfriend the best thing a girl – single or attached – can ask for: a gay boyfriend. He dances better than any straight guy, he will tell you (bluntly) that you look like a fool in that skirt you’re about to buy and he is able to make you laugh quicker than anyone. Make sure he knows just how lost you would be without him – present him with this Salvatore Ferragamo Magenta Gancini Silk Tie. Sharp with just the right amount of attitude (quite like the man himself), this accessory will make him the toast of the town.

About the Author: Katelyn Finn

Katelyn has had an interest in fashion ever since the ripe old age of four when her mother gave her a dress up box: consisting mainly of old bridesmaid dresses, eclectic 80’s pumps and some serious costume jewelry.