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How to Get the Body of an Olympic Athlete

Get the Arms, Abs and Legs of an Olympian

by Lisa Payne – August 15, 2012

The Sport of DivingThe 2012 Olympics may be over but it’s hard to get those incredibly muscular bodies out of our heads! You may not have Olympic aspirations but maybe you want to learn how to train like the elite athletes do. Well, step aside, elliptical trainer, and say hello to a gold medal-worthy workout!

1. If you like swimming…

Chicago’s very own East Bank Club (EBC) has got you covered whether you haven’t swam since the fourth grade or if you swim regularly and just need a little extra push. EBC offers basic adult swimming classes like the Adult Beginner Swimming Clinic and Getting Comfortable in Open Water. Both classes teach you short-distance swimming, how to front crawl and how to breath properly. Ready to move on? Try the Adult Intermediate Swim Workouts which will help improve your strength and speed. And beyond that, try the 100-Mile Swim Club where you chart your progression towards swimming 100 miles!

2. If you like running…

If you watched Carmelita Jeter win the gold in this year’s 400m relay and said to yourself, “I want to do that!” head over to Shred 415. Shred 415 located in Lincoln Park (and soon to be Old Town), helps increase your personal best with four fifteen minute intervals on both the treadmill and floor lifting weights. Total Body will crush any inhibitions you may have had about running workouts. Both Arms and Abs, and Butt and Legs will give you the strength to go the distance!

Ready to hit the pavement? Join the Fleet Feet Racing Team. This program includes three different weekly workouts, speed workouts, discounts on Fleet Feet Sports Signature Races, expert coaching and Nike apparel. The nice thing about this program is that they not only give you incredible running workouts, they make sure you’re running safely with a free injury screening from their physical therapy partner. Join now!

3. If you like cycling…

Get on a bike at Real Ryder Revolution and you’ll feel like you’re on the open road! Bikes at Real Ryder have flexible handlebars that allow you to lean and steer as though you were really outside riding. The unique handlebars also allow for more core-training. Take an Espresso Ryde, Party Ryde or even a  H.I.I.T. class (High-Intensity Interval Training) to get your heart pumping!

Like the spin bike but really want to get outside of the gym (and your comfort zone)? Try heading out to the Northbrook Velodrome. A velodrome is an oval-shaped track cycling arena that angles 18-45 degrees upward. This one only angles 18 degrees and has user-friendly lanes that help you get used to speed training on an incline.

(Photo credits: Olympic rings by Aija Lehtonen /, Cyclist by Radu Razvan , Swimming Pool by Sima.)

About the Author: Lisa Payne

If this Cheeky girl could write and work out at the same time, she would! A self-proclaimed multi-tasker, Lisa began teaching fitness classes and personal training while getting her MFA in Writing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.