Personal Shopping at Topshop?…Priceless

Luxury Within Reach

by Kari Radjewski – September 4, 2013

Did you know Topshop has a Personal Shopping department? Sounds so bougie, huh? Don’t worry – paralleling the Topshop reputation we absolutely love, it’s another example of the brand being luxury within reach

Typically, yes, personal shoppers are considered solely for the utmost upscale and can be pretty costly, but not at Topshop. The Topshop Personal Shopping concierge is completely complimentary and there is no obligatory minimum purchase for customers. In fact, they aren’t even commission-based so the appointment is pressure-free, just you and a style smarty-pants being totally honest with you, getting you to look your very best. 

Topshop Chicago

What is Personal Shopping at Topshop?

As I learned from a recent chit-chat with Topshop Chicago’s Personal Shopping Manager, Jennifer Leith and her Personal Shopping posse, Ryan Dawson and Jennifer Ether, this special attention service is about making people feel good and the creative process of styling personalities. Because they meet so many different types of people, from the busy professional, to the stop-in tourist, to A-list celebs (yep!), they’ve learned to be in tune with an entire array of egos and identities. In other words, they know just how to translate attitudes – meek, mild and wild – into fashion statements.

Personal Topshop Shopping

Left to right: Ryan Dawson [Personal Shopper], Jennifer Leith [Manager of Personal Shopping], Jennifer Ether [Personal Shopper]

How to Get a Personal Shopper:

So here’s the gist: upon making an appointment, you will be matched with your Personal Shopper, who will then take note of your sizes, budget and objective. By the time you arrive, a variety of options will be pulled for you, though you are free to shop the store to add to the selection. Try it all on, swirl and twirl; get the sage advice and style perspective from the professional who will help you pair and accessorize the outfit from the peep-toe to hair pin.

“We are involved with the shopping experience as much as the customer wants. She decides how much help and attention she needs. Sometimes the appointment is for a complete wardrobe overhaul; sometimes it is for a second opinion on a birthday outfit.” - Jennifer Leith, Personal Shopping Manager

As store guides and style gurus, the Personal Shoppers dumb down the huge, 30,000-square foot inventory, making the shopping process easy on the customer. They are experts on the latest trends and newness creepin’ into Topshop. In this private, sectioned-off area of the store, the customer feels special with one-on-one VIP attention, getting all sorts of sage sartorial perspective and suggestions.    

Insider Tips on Fall Trends:

While hanging with the Personal Shopping crew, of course I had to pick their brains on what types of purchases to make this fall. The consensus was leather, ladies. Sleek, sophisticated, with no expiration date, leather investments are this season’s must. Other dapper duds having a moment include bold plaids, layering texture, super girly shades (think pink on pink) and definitely keep indulging in that super flattering monochromatic trend which hit the scene a littler earlier this year. 

For your own Personal Topshopping experience call 312.280.6835, email bookingschicago@topshop.com or simply waltz on in; the suite is located on the bottom floor on the east side of the store.


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