The Language of Flowers

Spread Floral Love on Your Wedding Day!

by Sacha Krasney – March 5, 2014

More than anything, I love giving you just another way to add meaning into your wedding day. Did you know flowers can be used to add meaning to your wedding bouquet, boutonnieres and centerpieces? The Language of Flowers, called floriography, is a form of communication through the use of the arrangement of flowers. The Victorian Era is when floriography gained popularity and people would choose specific floral arrangements to send coded messages to their loved ones. It’s been too long, so let’s bring it back! What a great way to bring love and meaning to your wedding.

Baby’s Breath: “Everlasting Love”

Ahh… the boundless baby’s breath means “everlasting love.” Baby’s breath alone is simple and stunning; it can be vintage, classic or modern. Because of this, you can use it in every floral arrangement throughout your wedding.

Tulips: “Declaration of Love”

While innocent, the tulip is articulate. Meaning “a declaration of love,” it’s the perfect flower to announce your love from the tree tops (or from your bouquet)! This is the perfect flower for your spring outdoor wedding.

Red Rose: “Love”

The red rose simply means “love!” How could you not use this flower? The red rose is the best flower for a winter wedding. Whether vintage, modern or Hollywood glam, the red rose can appease the theme of any wedding. This, of course, is my favorite flower, since the rose was the chosen flower for my own wedding, it spread love throughout the New Year’s eve night.

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P.S. I was inspired by the language of flowers in a novel called The Language of Flowers. It has a great story line and has hundreds of meanings of flowers to discover!