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The Joffrey Ballet Presents “Don Quixote”

World Premiere by Yuri Possokhov

by Robin Clement – October 18, 2011

I went to the ballet last Wednesday for opening night of the World Premiere of Yuri Possokhov’s Don Quixote. The Joffrey Ballet dances only 10 performances, through October 23, at the Auditorium Theatre of Roosevelt University.

Previously, I was only audience to one ballet… The Nutcracker, during which my friend and I would always giggle about the tightness of the Nutcracker’s, well, tights. There were laughs during Don Quixote but for other reasons—Yuri Possokhov uses light humor to modernize the dramatic tale of love.

This story-ballet, based on the classic novel written by Miguel de Cervantes, takes you to a house in Spain inhabited by an old nobleman, Don Quixote. He is reading a romance novel and quickly gets transported into the story, bringing the audience with him on his journey of passion. In this dream world, we meet toreadors, flying dragons, a cupid ballerina, a flamboyant (and bald) Englishman set to steal the damsel Dulcinea and couples filled with jealousy and lust. We witness betrayals, fights and a wedding—all expressed through beautiful dance and music.

Projected illustrations separate the acts and set each scene. The backdrop features animated projections, giving dimension and life to the story. Even the eyes and ears of Don Quixote’s horse Rocinante move, via two men inside and Don Quixote’s hand movements.

Escape to Don Quixote’s fantasies by purchasing tickets at ($25-149).

What is your favorite ballet?

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