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5 Simple Tips for Texturizing Your Home

A Must-Have for Any Room

by Susan Brunstrum – June 6, 2013

Texture is a must-have element that makes every room in your home more fascinating. It adds dimension, depth and character to our living spaces, transforming them from blah to ahhh!

Here are some easy tips to get you started:

Build layers: I like to layer a hair-on-hide area rug on top of short-pile carpeting or a sisal, or layer a plush throw on a chair or sofa. The contrast of shapes and materials adds a lot of warmth and interest. Notice in this family room I also added a faux crocodile ottoman topped with some sharp antlers for a play on textures.

Living Room

Remember the ceiling: People often are afraid to paint the ceiling anything but white, or to wallpaper the ceiling, but once they see the beautiful results they are sold. Try painting one of your ceilings a lighter or darker shade of the wall color, such as soft gray above darker gray. Or an entirely different color! Or instead of using a flat finish, try a high gloss finish on your ceiling.

Dining Room

Photo Courtesy of Sweet Peas Design

Opposites attract attention: The sleek, crisp lines of a clear glass coffee table really make this rugged, opaque ceramic sculpture really pop. And look at the contrast of the sensuously smooth black vase on the mantel against the rough, rugged stone of the fireplace.

Photo Courtesy of Sweet Peas Design

Warm up neutrals: No need to splash around a lot of color to warm up a neutral room. Just incorporate some texture to feel the temperature rise. In this newly updated bathroom, we mixed marble floor tile, quartzite countertops, an acrylic white drum-like ottoman, crystal cabinet knobs and a crystal chandelier with polished nickel faucets.


Photo Courtesy of Sweet Peas Design

Pattern equals visual texture: Check out this bold dhurrie or flat weave rug from Minneapolis-based Julie Dasher Rugs. It provides an illusion of texture. You can do the same thing with patterned window treatments, upholstery and pillows.


Photo Courtesy of Julie Dasher

About the Author: Susan Brunstrum

Susan Brunstrum, founder of Sweet Peas Design, Inc., Libertyville, is proud to be Cheeky’s new interior design maven. She believes that “Cheeky” design means living the lifestyle of your dreams. She has been featured on LXTV, CLTV and many other ‘zines and blogs. Visit her at