Real Housewives of Orange County‘s Tamra Takes Chicago!

While She Teaches Us About Cuca Fresca

by Kari Radjewski – October 22, 2013

Super sassy with quick wit and a majorly bangin’ ‘bod: she was all that and more…

Dressed to the nines, Real Housewives of Orange County’s Tamra Judge visited Lincoln Park’s Binny’s Beverage Depot to promote new-to-booze-scene, Cuca Fresca Brazilian Rum. With the name meaning “Cool Head,” we can only wonder if sipping this attributed to the part owner’s relaxed demeanor during the latest season of Bravo’s show. Or it could be the fact that she was newly engaged and glowing. Or the recent success of opening a business, CUT Fitness. Whatever it is, things are going right in Tamra’s life…

Tamra Judge Chicago

Cheeky: Congratulations on your wedding! We saw so many beautiful details. Were there any particular precious moments that didn’t make the cut, but you wish viewers could have seen?

Tamra Judge:  Oh, well – my kids were in the wedding, but they had to cut them out. Sophia was the flower girl and Sidney and Spencer were each bridesmaid and groomsmen. There was a moment when Eddie did a vow just to the kids and it was really beautiful – the kids were crying and it’s kind of a bummer that Bravo couldn’t air it, but at least we have it on video.

Cheeky: You did your vows in Spanish, have you picked up any more lingo since?

TJ: [Laughs.]

Cheeky: It was a solid effort. 

TJ: Well, I tried my best, but I just don’t have time for learning Spanish…

Cheeky: And your private dance – we got to see it, but didn’t hear your song.

TJ: Oh, it was actually “Stand by Me” by Prince Royce.

Cheeky: Is there a special meaning behind it for you and Eddie?

TJ: No, we just thought it was beautiful and loved the Spanish flare of it.

Cheeky: Also, congratulations on CUT [Fitness].

TJ: Thank you, we are really busy there – we love what we are doing and are really passionate about it.

Cheeky: On that note, is there a body-conscious drink you can suggest using Cuca Fresca?

TJ: Well, Cuca Fresca is organic, which is one of the reasons I was drawn to it, but I just suggest staying away from mixing it with any sugars. You can follow one of these suggested recipes [recipe card provided at event], then you can come to CUT and take one of our classes to burn it off!

Cheeky: Booking my flight now!  Thanks for chatting, Tamra…

TJ: Thank you, so great to meet you.

Sip Cuca Fresca Ora on the rocks or get creative with your cocktail using Cuca Fresa Prata – look to your local Binny’s to pick up a bottle today!

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