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Gypset Summer Style Guide

Tips for Your Morning-to-Night Look

by Jessica Zweig – June 20, 2011

The sun is out, the boys are calling to see you in your bikini, your mani/pedi is in check and your Vitamin D levels are rising.

Let’s get you glam from your nose to your toes on your typical gypset Saturday. You are one hot commodity with invitations left and right…

Since your invite on the sailboat starts in the morning and your best friend’s BBQ starts at 4 and your flavor of the week wants to meet up at 10, you will only have time to text, change wardrobe direction and reapply sun protection. And: it all has to go in one bag. Yikes! Yowzer!  Fun…

The Saturday Gypsetter Essentials:

The Mara Hoffman Swimsuit. The gorgeous geometric patterns take on a classic black bikini – a must for your bust this summer.

Come sail away! A sexy and classically chic bathing suit cover up may already be living in your closet:  it’s that denim shirt! Roll up those sleeves and unbutton a few to have your suit peek out.  Wear it tied at the waist or flash your hot bod with it completely open.

(When you buy this shirt, stick it in the wash with your other frequently worn summer faves and add in Sunguard, a laundry additive from the makers of Rit Dye. A $2 box will give that ordinary T-shirt an SPF of 30, and the protection lasts about 20 washings.)

We all know we must wear white sole shoes, so let’s match up our timeless New England-look-meets-Navajo with these Minnetonkas.

You are sailing, the wind is whipping through your luscious locks, the water is gleaming from the sun rays and bouncing onto your body, so why not make your lips gleam like the sea and protect them from aging as well. Neutrogena Cooling Lip Gloss with SPF 20 for fresh protected lips.

Now that you have set sail, time to have a drink! Stay slender and slightly tipsy with Skinny Girl Margarita and keep an extra bottle in your bag to bring to your bestie’s BBQ.

Well, it was fun flirting and swimming off the sailboat but now it’s time to boot-scoot-and-boogie over to your BBQ obligations. You can’t boot-scoot around town without covering your booty with a maxi skirt. Pair it with a simple bright tank top and maxi skirt options at American Apparel.

I know what you are thinking, how on earth am I going to fashionably schlep all these glorious items around? Duh… Robert Roller Rabbit Beach Bag by Roberta Freymann.

(PS. She has towels in patterns to platz over.)

With your hot dog in hand, it’s time to kick off those Minnetonkas, pop your perfectly pedicured toes into your heels and get ready to meet your hottie.

Except you have a major problem with all your swimming, BBQing and “glistening” from the hot summer sun: your hair has not been having as much fun as you have. This is what you need to do: “Stick a sock in it!”

Seriously, the Sock Bun may change your life, or at least save your life tonight.

Here is our quick how-to:

Items needed: 1 sock, scissors, 2 hair ties, 4-6 bobby pins.

Step 1: Buy a black athletic sock, cut off the toes portion of sock and then roll it up towards the elastic until it looks like a doughnut.

Step 2: Put your hair in a ponytail. It can go anywhere on your head, but I prefer a low side ponytail for more of a casual and tousled look.

Step 3: Take your sock doughnut and pull your ponytail through the hole of the sock doughnut.

Step 4: Evenly push hair around circumference of doughnut to cover the sock moving your ponytail hair towards your head.

Step 5: Put the second hair tie over and around your sock and hair.

Step 6: Pin the excess hair around the hair tie.

Step 7: Have a drink because there is a sock in your hair!

This should help you get started with Cheeky’s favorite season.  Look for more to come!

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