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The Perfect Summer Headscarf

Headscarf Trend Has Stood the Test of Time... and Heat!

by Carlin Sack – July 11, 2012

Ahhhhhhhh, a summertime Saturday. Lounging outside, the sun is shining, the sky is blue, the breeze is blowing… Oh, wait, just kidding. It’s H.O.T.

My hair is frizzy and wilted (although my imagination pictures me a pampered beach goddess). I need an ice water, a fan and – better yet – a cute hairstyle so I can survive this heat… PRONTO!

Enter headscarves… the most valuable summer accessory (yep, I place a lot of value on something that keeps the locks off my sweaty face).

The headscarf trend is not a new one, which is precisely why it might scare some of us away this summer (the line between out-of-style and cute vintage can be a scary one). I acknowledge, this trend has gone through some rough patches: Rosie the Riveter, headbanded hippies and bandana-sporting teens in the 90s. But a style’s rocky past shouldn’t keep it from morphing into something interesting and new. Here are a few updated, fresh styles to try NOW.


Think Jackie O. with this one. The girly bow tie is a must for the summer music festival scene. Pair it with some high-waisted cutoffs and a lightweight crop tee. Totally effortless.

The how-to: Start with a really large square scarf (better to have more fabric than less). Fold the scarf in half (diagonally), so it’s a triangle. Keep folding the scarf longways until it’s the width you want. Wrap the scarf around your head (your hair is already in a bun) with the ends of the scarf at the crown of your head. Tie a knot. There should be significant fabric left over, so just tuck the ends of the knot back underneath the headband.


Feeling daring?  Try a fresh turban updo. Just make sure to get a bright patterned scarf, so you make a statement (and avoid the just-got-out-of-the-shower look). A basic black maxi dress with some funky sandals will complete this look.

The how-to: For this look, instead of folding up the scarf all the way, only fold it once so it’s in the large triangle. Flip your head over and take the opposite ends of the triangle to cross them around your head, tying the ends securely at the back of your head. The third point of the triangle should be tied underneath the other ends and hanging down over your forehead. Pull the last end of the triangle down (towards your nose) and then flip it back up into the headscarf and tuck it in.


If you are ready to rock out, keep it messy with this style. It’s a bit less girly and gives any summer day a major chill factor. Match this with layered tanks over your bikini for a day of fun.

The how-to: Tie your hair into a loose knot and simply wrap the headscarf around your head like a classic headband, knotting it in the back. You can use a thicker piece of interesting fabric for this to really make a statement. Use some contoured bobby pins to secure the scarf behind your ears. Pull out a few pieces of hair in front of the band to frame your face.


Now we’re ready to head out to the beach, the pool or hit the music festival scene. Don’t forget to do a few practice head shakes to make sure that your hairdo will survive some serious head-bangin’ throughout the day! Hey, it’s good to be prepared for everything.

About the Author: Carlin Sack

Carlin is Cheeky's editorial and social media intern and a Chicago enthusiast. She is in love with learning about the city and all the interesting people that bring it to life. Carlin is a student at Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism.