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Vertigo Sky Lounge

An Icy Night Out

January 26, 2015
Kaleigh Glaza

Rooftop bars are all the rage in the Windy City…in the summertime. But what is a girl to do during the other, colder months of the year? For those of you craving a little outdoor time, even in the icy winter weather, you’re still in luck! Vertigo Sky Lounge, lofted high above the dana hotel and spa, is celebrating its fifth anniversary as the city’s only outdoor winter patio and ice bar. All season long those looking for an icy fun time can enjoy frosty drinks and great views! Located on the 26th floor of the hotel, the bar is a great spot even for those who want to stay indoors …  Read more

Save Time with Gift Worthy Wines

December 9, 2014
Protea Wine
The Cheeky Wine Guide

So, December comes around and it can hit me at a party, walking down the hallway at work or perhaps when meeting friends at a restaurant–and someone invariably asks, “Are you all ready?” Seriously? We work, buff and fluff, work some more and try to eek out a social life. And then, when the holidays roll around, there is the pressure to decorate, shop and send. Oh, and perhaps be the perfect hostess. Well, the Cheeky Wine Guide is here to help with a few gift suggestions to take the pressure off. Easy peasy. Here’s the quick list to help you select something interesting and save you that most precious …  Read more

Chicago Gift Guide for the Foodies

The Top Chicago Foodie Gifts for this Holiday Season!

December 8, 2014
Chicago Foodie Gift Guide
Kaleigh Glaza

Some of the best parts of the holiday season revolve around food (Thanksgiving turkey, hot chocolate, Christmas cookies and more). So we’ve put together a gift guide for those Cheeky gals who truly love to cook and eat! With a focus on Chicago brands, this gift guide will have your mouth watering and provide ideas for seriously delicious gifts. For the Java lover: TOMS Thankful Blend Put a boost in your morning with a tasty drink for a great cause! You can write what you’re thankful for on the bag, and you’ll also be providing clean water for a week to someone in need with every purchase. For those with Chicago pride (like us!): Pastoral’s “Best …  Read more