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Sauza Tequila Takes You to Chicago’s Hottest Spots

A Tequila Tour? Thank You.

by cheeky speaks – June 19, 2012

When you’re out on the town, we know you’re always looking for the right hotspots to hit. So when you’re partying with us next week with the Sauza Firetruck, we’ll be taking you to the best places Chitown has to offer, and bringing along Sauza (and a couple hot firemen) with us.

Just to give you a little fab sneak peek as to why we’re such big fans of where we’re taking you, we’ve got one word for you – margaritas on margaritas on margaritas! Okay, maybe that’s a few more words than one, but basically, we’re making stops at two of the coolest places in Chitown who are les experts at making margarita perfection.

Our first stop, Public House, is THE go-to for our simple fave. Margaritas just the way they’re supposed to be. Fresh and fantastic.

But if you just want a straight shot of Sauza’s finest, we don’t mind that either. Pass the lime and salt, please.

And our second stop? We’re digging Cantina Laredo for its Cheeky twists on our fave summer drink.

Mango Margarita, anyone? Cantina blends Sauza’s Silver Tequila with some orange liqueur and fresh-squeezed lemon and lime juices, all flavored with fresh mango purée and an extra splash of Sauza Silver.

For those who are looking for something a bit more adventurous, the Pomegranate Margarita is the way to go. Same ingredients as the Mango, but with pomegranate purée. Mmm, delish.

So whenever you’re looking for a good time, head to the Sauza hotspots. Public House and Cantina Laredo are where the scene is. Step in, and repeat.

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