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5 Ways to Use Decorative Dividers

Screen Plays

by Susan Brunstrum – June 27, 2013

Like most design trends, decorative screens are staging a comeback and we’re seeing a wide assortment of shapes and materials.

My senior designer Beth Kweton and I love them for their versatility, beauty and functionality. We’re seeing them in leather, wood, metal and a host of beautiful fabrics. Here are 5 ways Beth and I use decorative screens for our clients:

For this recently completed family room we selected a leather screen with eye-catching nailheads to add interesting texture, dimension and height to a disconnected corner.

Photo courtesy of Sweet Peas Design

In this client’s living room, not only does the screen soften a corner, it creates a simple canvas for spotlighting some bold accessories, which in this case can only be seen from one direction. Kind of intriguing!

Photo courtesy of Sweet Peas Design

Want to hide an eyesore? Perhaps a messy home office, an ugly radiator, a children’s play area or a bad view? Yes, a screen will work.

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Adler

Do you have a large room that could be multifunctional? Divide it with a screen and create two spaces that work for you – a dining room and a living room, or perhaps an office in the family room.

Photo courtesy of I Sticky Post

If you need some height in a room where all the furniture is low, consider a screen that makes a statement. It can be a dramatic focal point as well as a design solution.

Photo courtesy of House Beautiful

About the Author: Susan Brunstrum

Susan Brunstrum, founder of Sweet Peas Design, Inc., Libertyville, is proud to be Cheeky’s new interior design maven. She believes that “Cheeky” design means living the lifestyle of your dreams. She has been featured on LXTV, CLTV and many other ‘zines and blogs. Visit her at