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Real Men Drink Pink

Sip Wine for Breast Cancer Awareness

by Carlin Sack – August 12, 2012

Brian Duncan, Wine Director at BIN 36, lost his mother to breast cancer in 1985. He describes her as having strength, dignity, compassion and grace.

What an amazing Cheeky woman, sharing her passion with others. Being Cheeky always means supporting other Cheeky chicks, especially those fighting breast cancer. Whether it is sporting a catchy t-shirt or changing a Facebook status to draw attention to the disease, maybe even running in a 5k for a breast cancer research organization, Cheeky is there. 100%.

But what about the Cheeky guys out there? Well this year, Brian is taking this often women-centric momentum and spreading it to every corner of the city to honor his mother. And he is adding his very own spin: wine.

Brian’s initiative, “Real Men Drink Pink,” is offering a glass of specially-priced rosé ($10! Wowza.) across the city to benefit Bright Pink, the only national organization that focuses on early prevention and detection of breast and ovarian cancer while providing support for those at high risk.

Don’t be intimidated by the campaign’s name though! Guys and girls alike can enjoy the rosé at some of Chicago’s best restaurants – avec, BIN 36, Boka, Frontera, NAHA, NoMI, Publican, Rockit, Sunda, Telegraph, Topolobampo and Webster’s Wine Bar – until August 17th.

“Real Men Drink Pink” is backed by BIN 36 and TimeOut Chicago, not to mention some of Chicago’s most amazing guys (why, hellooo there, Billy Dec of Rockit Ranch Productions and Robbie Gould of the Chicago Bears). Plus, the Raved mobile app is donating an extra dollar to Bright Pink when supporters download the app and rave about their rosé.

So, go ahead, be yourself and hit up your fave eateries. Ask the waiter to pop open a bottle of rosé, and toast to Bright Pink and all the Cheeky Chicagoans out there who, above all, open their hearts and support others.

About the Author: Carlin Sack

Carlin is Cheeky's editorial and social media intern and a Chicago enthusiast. She is in love with learning about the city and all the interesting people that bring it to life. Carlin is a student at Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism.