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Mommy Needs Her (Sparkling) Wine Too

by The Cheeky Wine Guide – May 14, 2013

I come from people who didn’t drink during the day. A glass of wine, or a cocktail…well, it needed to be after 5pm in order to be enjoyed. Not the old line: “well it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.” But real time: 5pm. Unless, of course, it was a holiday that landed on a Sunday, and then the libation could be enjoyed after church. And on such occasions, my mother loved to enjoy sparkling wine. Since she mixed it with orange juice and made a mimosa out of it, the type of sparkling wasn’t so important. What was important was that it was shared. She wasn’t happy until everyone in the room was drinking a mimosa.

Last weekend we carried on the tradition filling our glasses with some bubbly  and, yes, a bit of orange juice. Selecting a sparkling wine that isn’t too sweet is a must for this Cheeky Wine Guide. So yesterday, we mixed a Spanish cava, Gran Pasion. I discovered this wine through the help of another great mom, Kayla Steffens, owner of Cellar Gate in Highwood. It is made with Macabeo, Xaeel-lo and Parellada in the “method traditionelle.”

So tradition reigns and mothers know best.


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