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Rae Francis Womenswear

Plunge Into Grunge This Fall

by Robin Clement – September 5, 2012

Francis RaeWe recently discovered New York-based womenswear line Rae Francis and want to share this baby with you. Only a year and a half old, Rae Francis was created by designersRae Francis Ariel Lilly and Christina Coniglio – a Bostonian and a Floridian. They fuse their differing backgrounds and interests to create one helluva harmonious product.

These two ladies translate this juxtaposition into their fall collection. The inspiration is 1990′s grunge rock.

There is feminine/soft and masculine/hard elements, along with retro and modern details. For instance, a floral chiffon dress is paired with a neutral blazer and a plaid shirt features 2010′s popular cut-out design.

These phat threads are $127-$453. Wearing them could cause some positive attention. Someone may even call you “all that and a bag o’ chips.”

About the Author: Robin Clement

Sifting through brilliant silhouettes, romantic palettes and imaginative textures evokes a whimsical curiosity. Fashion has always excited Robin - whether piling on beaded necklaces and hosting makeover birthday parties in her 10’s or interviewing strangers about their undergarment style preferences for her college newspaper in her early 20’s.