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A Guide to Choosing the Right Prenatal Class for You

Training for the Main Event: Part One

by Jenna Zaffino – October 31, 2012

You did the deed, took the test, and sure enough you are going to be a mama in a matter of months. After surviving the first trimester of hormonal changes, nausea and overall metamorphosis, it’s time to get that body movin’ while you still can! In this two part series, we will guide you towards a prenatal class that is best suited for you and open the Pandora’s box of fitness for labor and delivery. Get ready for some Cheeky chat about the only floor that is more important than Trump’s 16th – the pelvic floor!

Each pregnancy is different and, more importantly, each mom-to-be has a specific set of criteria for the way she envisions herself being physical through nine months of changes. I’ve broken it down into three (exaggerated) levels of fitness and listed options for each.

Fitness Fanatic:

-My six-pack will be visible until the day I deliver.
-I intend to run the marathon as a mode of inducing labor.
-My personal trainer will be at my house the day I come home from the hospital.

The Perfect Class for You: 

Fit4Baby® – Run by Jackie Dorris, Chicago mother of two, this dynamic class includes cardio, strength, flexibility and balance training. During the warmer months, class is held outdoors and in cold weather, at the Windy City Field House.


Prenatal Yoga

-The only weight I lift is the excess Chi from my aura.
-I am considering birthing in a downward-facing-dog.
-I can Kegel to the tune of Tibetan singing bowls.

The Perfect Class for You:

Bloom Yoga Studio Prenatal Class - This Hatha yoga class will guide you through a series of postures to balance and support your body while connecting with your growing baby. All experience levels are welcome.

Scared to Sneeze:

-My regular workout involves the stairs to the El.
-My morning drink is a Venti Caramel Macchiatto but it’s okay because it’s decaf.
-Can I take the staff elevator to get to the pelvic floor?

The Perfect Class for You:

Bump Camp at Helios Center For Movement – This Pilates-based conditioning class introduces breathing patterns to each exercise that condition your body to be supported through pregnancy from the inside out.  The bonus: Moms-to-be learn actual labor and delivery techniques to prepare for the main event!

Whether you are new to exercise or had to put your medals in storage to make room for baby clothes, the growing popularity of prenatal fitness classes offers something for everybody. My best suggestion would be to try a combination of all three offerings to give yourself a well-rounded experience throughout each stage of your pregnancy.

Check back with us next week to learn three simple techniques to prepare your pelvic floor for support through the trimesters, success at delivery and even stimulation for a satisfying intimate experience during pregnancy!

About the Author: Jenna Zaffino

Jenna is Cheeky’s new resident Pilates expert and Core Conditioning Champion! Founder and Director of Helios Center For Movement, Jenna has made it her mission to help Chicago get to the good stuff for posture, exercise and a lifestyle that shines from the inside out.