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by Erica Bethe Levin – September 5, 2012

Erica Bethe LevinI walked into Anne Truppe’s North side photography studio feeling like $2.07 (the cost of my Starbucks coffee). But when I walked out a few hours later, I felt like a million bucks.

Women today are strong, independent, in-the-know and – dare I say – extremely Cheeky. We make our own financial decisions, we decorate our apartments, we buy $400 shoes, we indulge in martini hour with friends, we plan for our retirements, we take solo vacations… we. do. it. all. So why shouldn’t we have photographic proof of our independence, our vivaciousness and our sheer fabulousness?

Anne Truppe recognizes the fact that ladies need documentation of whatever time in their life they deem deserving. When Portraiture by Tru was brought to my attention, I decided now was that time for me. I’m nearing the end of my 20s, I love my business, I love my BF and I feel strong and independent. I wanted Anne to capture that the way she had for the scores of other women I had seen in her look book.Erica Bethe Levin

When I walked into Anne’s charming, quaint and oh-so-adorable photography studio (that doubles as the equally charming, quaint and oh-so-adorable apartment she shares with her husband), I was nervous about my impending photo shoot. Although I studied theatre in school and have performed on countless stages, I HATE having my picture taken. I was immediately put at ease when offered a (complimentary) mimosa (although coffee was strong enough for me on that particular Friday morning). I was further placated when the masterful Vanessa took hold of my hair and makeup. My morning $2.07 look was multiplying!

With my hair styled exactly as requested (beachy but structured waves, please!) and make-up perfectly done as desired (natural, somewhere between an “office” and a “cocktail” look), I was ready for my shoot. And that’s where Anne’s true artistry shined. As a confident, independent and very Cheeky lady herself, she knows exactly how to draw the confidence, independence and Cheekiness out of her subjects. Using natural light and repurposing furniture for the likes of the shoot, I actually had a blast posing for the camera…something I never thought I could say.

The best part? I loved the results. I thought Anne perfectly captured how I was feeling on the inside thanks to some lipstick, bouncy curls and excellent photography skills. I recommend this to any woman who wants to see her inner beauty displayed on the outside, and who wantsErica Bethe Levin gorgeous pictures to prove to her grandchildren one day how hip and fabulous she really was (and still is, although they won’t appreciate that until they’re grown).

And because Anne is just so darn Cheeky, anyone who mentions Cheeky when booking a session receives 25% off. Bring a friend and you both receive a $100 credit towards products.

Not only did I walk out feeling like a million bucks, but I knew I had found my brand spankin’ new Facebook profile shot… and in today’s world that’s saying a lot.

About the Author: Erica Bethe Levin

Erica Bethe Levin is the Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of She loves to write, but she also really loves her dog Pippin, spaghetti, wine and Billy Joel.

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