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Philips Citiscape Downtown Headphones

'Phones Fit for the Girl on the Go

by Angela Lee – October 18, 2012

If you’re anything like me, headphones are somewhat of a staple in my life. I literally don’t think I can go one day without using my them. Whether it’s my ear buds or headphones, I use them in my everyday life—walking to class, heading to work, working out at the gym and even walking to the grocery store. So of course, my biggest requirement when looking for headphones is comfort. It has to be something that I can wear for a long period of time. And, for those moments when you have to take calls on the go—because you know just as well as I do those moments happen more often than they should—you know you need a pair of headphones that can give you immediate access to your phone.

So how do I go about picking the right ones?

Here are the four most important qualities I look for in a good pair of headphones, and why the Philips Citiscape Downtown Headphones are the perfect fit.

1. Comfort: For those who commute to work everyday or walk to class, you need something that’s going to be comfortable. Plain and simple. No one likes sitting on the El for 30 minutes listening to music and having her ears hurt afterwards. The best part about the Philips Citiscape Downtown Headphones? They mold to your ears. Literally. After wearing them for a week, you can feel the headphones take the shape of your ears. Pretty amazeballs.

2. Sleek Style: Just by looking at the headphones, there is no denying how good and sleek they look. Not only that, but when I first saw them, I thought about how they could add to my own style. Coming in three different colors (purple, light grey or brown), you can go with a multitude of looks. For those who go to work in the same colors everyday, this is a sleek way to add a pop of color to your outfit. You can’t go wrong with a pop of purple or light grey (which actually looks more like white from afar).

3. Quality of Sound: Obviously, every good pair of headphones must have this key component. After all, you are listening to music or watching a movie. For me, I like headphones that distinguish different sounds in a song, whether the song is fast or slow or even soft or loud. Now what do I mean? I like being able to tell the difference between the melody, the lyrics, the bass and more. These headphones do exactly that. They allow me to recognize each distinct sound from the songs I listen to and enjoy the song for everything it can offer. It literally feels like surround sound because the headphones isolate the music and cancel out the white noise so you are in your own musical world.

4. Ease of Use: Beyond the comfort aspect, I’m a big believer in buying things that are user-friendly. Now you’re probably thinking, how hard can it be to use a pair of headphones? Why does this even matter? Now in the digital age, most of us have Smartphones we also use to listen to our music. With the Philips Citiscape Headphones, with just one click, you can transfer to the microphone and pick up any calls. So no need to scramble through your purse to find your phone to get that call. Also, this may be one aspect that most people might not think about when buying headphones, but I sincerely find it annoying when the wires get tangled and are impossible to untangle. However, these headphones provide wiring that is wide and flat and fairly easy to untangle.

For a sleek look and just an awesome pair of headphones that’ll give you the most intense musical experience you can get, I go to my Philips Citiscape Downtown Headphones. So, if you’re on the lookout for a new pair of ‘phones, these bad boys are worth checking out. To get your own pair, click here.

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