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Take Your Personal Trainer Home with You. Really.

by Lisa Payne – September 26, 2012

Last Saturday signaled the first official day of fall – it won’t be long before Chicago is covered in a blanket of snow. If you read that and your heart sank, you know that during the winter months it’s even harder to get motivated to work out. So rather than dive into the seasonal comfort food and sulk, why not have your fitness delivered to your door? These four Cheeky trainers leave you with no excuses and a fit body year around!
Trainer: Thomas Sullivan, TS Fitness

Stats: Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor. Certified in Power Plate.

About: Thomas is an International Fitness Association certified trainer who’s great at thinking outside the box and gets you results with a wide range of fitness equipment. Nearly half of his clientele train out of their homes/condo gyms. “My best overall training tip is you are what you eat, fuel your body with foods that keep you healthy and feeling good,” he says. Thomas’ biggest clientele success story is his client Tom who has lost 130 pounds and 20% of his body fat in 16 months!


Trainer: Samantha Joyce

Stats: Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Pre/Post-Natal Trainer, Functional Movement System (FMS) Athletic Trainer.

About: Samantha has a degree in Exercise Science from Illinois State University. From there, she went to complete the elite Equinox Fitness Training Institute trainer program and now trains on her own. Samantha currently trains clients ages 16-77, both men and women. “My training philosophy is setting realistic, attainable goals and achieving them in a fun and safe environment,” she tells us. “Be positive and confident in yourself and you can achieve it, this is your life, live it to the fullest.” Email


Trainer: Donell Watts, BeFIT Chicago

Stats: Personal Trainer, Pre/Post-Natal Trainer.

About: Donell gets people in shape through boxing, TRX, kettlebells and circuit training. He brings some equipment with him but even if you don’t have any, that will not prevent him from getting you into shape! One of Donell’s best tips is to stay consistent! “The more consistent you are, the more results you will see. Guaranteed,” he says. One of his best success stories is a client who just had a baby and had never worked out before training with him. She not only fits into her old clothes, she is hooked on morning runs and sometimes even works out twice a day! “The body needs to stay active so that it doesn’t rust,” he jokes.


Trainer: Suzanne Ko, Sko-Fit

Stats: Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Health Coach, Yoga Instructor.

About: Suzanne takes a holistic approach to training by working her clients from the inside out. “I am a huge advocate of local food, through relationships with farmers, artisans and chefs. I believe you should know what you are feeding your body, as it ties with your overall health,” she says. Suzanne brings resistance bands, TRX and a Bosu to her clients depending on what their  home/condo gyms already have. She says clients tend to stay more consistent when they know their trainer comes to them.


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About the Author: Lisa Payne

If this Cheeky girl could write and work out at the same time, she would! A self-proclaimed multi-tasker, Lisa began teaching fitness classes and personal training while getting her MFA in Writing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.