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“Where did you get those shoes?!?” It’s a question that everyone loves to be asked, but it certainly won’t be inquired often if you’re wearing the same clodhoppers that everyone else is wearing. Wouldn’t it be nice to hit a local place that’s passionate about finding cool and edgy new lines of snazzy shoes and thrives off of us – the buyers – getting compliments? Helloooo, City Soles!

Located in the heart of Wicker Park’s six corners, City Soles houses a range of one-of-a-kind kicks, from casual, fun and funky, to high-end and handmade. Owner Scott Starbuck searches the world each season to bring the best of the best to the Windy City, which is why City Soles has been a style staple for almost twenty years. They’re not only stacked with shoes, but also have a wide collection of sweet handbags and accessories. And now with the flash of your Cheeky Card, bop over to City Soles (we suggest colorful new wedges!) and receive 20% off – everyday! To further their awesomeness, you’ll also get a glass of wine while you shop – it’s just too good! And if you want to check out the selection before you head over, check out City Soles TV on their website with picks of everything that’s new and fabu for your feet.

Shoes and wine? We’re sold… on City Soles!

The fine print: Must present Cheeky Card at time of purchase.

City Soles
2001 W. North Avenue
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