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Owl City Sure is a Good Time

...And Dementia Drives Us Crazy

by Jennifer Boyer – July 27, 2012

“Chicago, how you feeling tonight?” shouted Owl City’s only member and brainchild Adam Young. “How you guys doing? Are you ready to go crazy? How about a little dub step?” Ah yes, the now omnipresent dub step breakdown in every song. “Cave In” kicked off Young’s sold out gig at Bottom Lounge while “The Real World” got embellishing from an extended drum introduction as Young proceeded to sing 99% of the tune with his eyes closed.

“The Tip of the Iceberg” featured Owl City’s sole female touring bandmate gently crooning a catchy-as-hell riff consisting of “da da da”s. “Let me see those rock fists in the air right now!” demanded Young as his band bounded into the song’s up-tempo, synthesizer-fueled last minute and 11 seconds.

“You guys are amazing,” exclaimed Young. “It’s like we’re neighbors. You’re from Chicago and we’re from Minneapolis.” Next up was Owl City’s first single off the Shooting Star EP – “Dementia” – featuring none other than Mark Hoppus from (my favorite) pop punk trio blink-182. Sadly, Hoppus made no appearance (epic fail, Mark!) and Young took over vocal duties for his musical hero. Try to get that song out of your head. It will drive you crazy (pun intended)!

“Here’s a song about angels just for you,” Young declared before slowing the pace down with “Angels.” A very apropos title, no? “Meteor Shower” was doused in Owl City’s signature spacey effects, mainly reverberation and delay. The former turning Bottom Lounge into Soldier Field; the latter adding echoes galore bouncing off of every available surface.

“Here’s one about little bugs that light up in the night time.” Hmm, wonder what it could be? “Fireflies” remains Owl City’s most notorious song to date and the crowd sang the first and final refrains with pristine and practiced perfection causing Young to admit, “I’m crazy about  you.”

“The Yacht Club” and “Shooting Star” preceded “Plant Life,” which featured Young on keyboard instead of his preferred electric guitar. “This is our third show of the tour,” explained Young, “We’re a little rusty. We’re working out the kinks.”

“Where do I start?” began Young after knocking out “Gold” and “Deer In The Headlights.” The singer-songwriter continued, “I’m the shyest kid from the middle of nowhere and here I am doing the one thing I’m good at. I want to thank you. For buying a ticket. Whether you biked here, took a cab here, walked here or fought through traffic to get here… Thank you.”

The evening’s essential encore took off with Owl City’s latest release “Good Time,” a summertime smash duet with “Call Me Maybe” singer Carly Rae Jepsen. “It’s about having a good old time and that’s what we’re having,” announced Young before singing Jepsen’s verse. The rapid synthetic arpeggios of “Umbrella Beach” closed out Owl City’s set. Young then left the audience with an emphatic “God bless you guys.”

Owl City tracks you should know:
“Good Time”

About the Author: Jennifer Boyer

Jennifer Boyer photographs and reviews artists live in concert with the added bonus of interviewing her favorite musicians, singers, songwriters and producers. She resides in New York City where she captures and witnesses great moments in live music. Jennifer’s obsession with music and concerts has turned two of her hobbies into dreams come true.