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Not Your Ordinary Cup of Tea

Welcome to Chicago, DAVIDsTEA!

by Caitlin Morrissey – October 21, 2012
1645 N. Damen Ave., Chicago

This isn’t your ordinary cup of tea. You sample the tea of the day right at the front door from a welcoming staff member. You listen to the story of your tea, its history, family and flavors. You move into the store, a calming, enchanting feeling coming over you as you inhale the flavors and aromas of the tea lining the walls. The colors pop from the containers, moving from white to green to blue. Your five senses are tingling.

DAVIDsTEA is not your average tea. It’s an experience, and it’s one you won’t soon forget. As Cheeky’s Erica and I walked into the new store in Bucktown, David himself offered us a cup of his delicious tea, but not before he let us smell and examine all the flavors. From Organic Persian Apple, Movie Night (with real popcorn in it!), Pumpkin Chai and Red Velvet Cake, the options are endless and the choice is truly difficult. After choosing one of David’s favorites, Read My Lips, we sat down with David to ask him about his love of tea.

Cheeky: What’s your favorite tea?

David Segal: “I have so many favorites, but if I had to pick, I really like the Sencha Ashikubo Japanese Green Tea. Another one of my favorites is Read My Lips, which is a black tea base with chocolate, mint, and little candied red lips. I love Mother’s Little Helper, a chamomile tea with lemon grass. It also has valerian root in it, and valerian root is really helpful to help you sleep. I love it because it works.”

Cheeky: I noticed online, every tea has a family and a history – does this make DAVIDsTEA more of an experience?

DS: It’s a place where you can come engage your senses. So from the moment you walk in, you’re offered a sample of the tea of the day. Our staff is knowledgeable and they’re here to help. You get to taste all the different flavors and tastes from around the world.

Cheeky: Tell us about your martini kits.

DS: I think tea is really versatile. We partner with all kinds of different mixologists, and we have a recipe book that we sell in store in a kit with five teas that make amazing cocktails for your house.  I think the Lime Gelato Tea makes a really nice one.

Cheeky: How do you cook with tea?

DS: Well, you can use different spice rubs; you can bake with it. There are all kinds of recipes. With our newsletter, there is always a recipe of the month.

Cheeky: For the holidays, what would you suggest as the best gift?

DS: We do incredible gifts. We have tea sampler boxes where you can get twelve different teas. It’s kinda like a chocolate box, and it makes a fantastic gift with such a wide assortment.

Cheeky: The aesthetic, it’s very Cheeky, but it’s feminine to an extent. Do you have feminine influences?

DS: Well, I have a daughter! It’s the women that get the guys into tea, is what we’ve found. We wanted to show that tea is fun and not complicated. It’s simple.

Cheeky: What is the Cheekiest thing you’ve done this week?

DS: I think I was so excited to come to Chicago and see how friendly people are and how positive, that I did the leprechaun jump and clicked my heels the other day.

With a wall full of color-coded tea, DAVIDsTEA offers free smells and free tastes everyday. Trust us, the smells are fantastic, but the tastes are even better. Plus, with the holidays coming up, they boast the perfect accessories for all tea lovers! DAVIDsTEA is opening three new spots in Chicago. Bucktown is the first and spots in Lakeview and Lincoln Park are to follow.

It’s getting cold out, so why not stay warm with a cup of DAVIDsTEA?

About the Author: Caitlin Morrissey

Caitlin is CheekyChicago's Editorial and Social Media Assistant. Graduating from Indiana University in May of 2012 (GO HOOSIERS!), Caitlin moved back to her hometown outside of Chicago to pursue a career in writing and editing. With a LOVE for Chicago, writing and reading, Cheeky is the perfect fit for Caitlin to discover and enhance her passions.

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