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Rejoice, Ladies, for NFL Season is Here

Five Reasons to Get Excited About Football Season

by Monica Murphy-Vargas – September 6, 2012

As Chicagoans, we’re programmed to covet the warm summer days. Living in a city that punishes us with six months of cold, crummy weather, we naturally have an adoration for all things summer: BBQs, boating, street festivals, baseball! Once Labor Day comes and goes, the reality that summer is over begins to sink in.  But I’m here to remind everyone of the best thing that the fall season and the colder months bring us – no, it’s not tall boots and cozy sweaters (which are both worthy-mentions); it’s football! If football doesn’t immediately come to mind when you think of FALL and FUN, here are five great reasons why you need to jump on the pigskin bandwagon.

Five Reasons to Get Excited About Football Season:

  1. The Bears: Seems obvious, but this season more so than in years past, we should be jacked up about the Bears. The Monsters of the Midway did some necessary house-cleaning in the off-season (like dumping their old GM Jerry Angelo) and bringing in some new blood with current GM, Phil Emery. They also picked up some shiny new offensive weapons for quarterback, Jay Cutler, to throw and pass to: wide receiver, (and old teammate of Cutty’s) Brandon Marshall and running back, Michael Bush. Add these two new threats to improvements made on the defense, and Bears fans really do have reasons to be excited this year. It won’t come easy though; playing in arguably one of the toughest divisions (the NFC North) in the NFL, the Bears will have their work cut out for them.

    Brandon Marshall and Jay Cutler (Photo credit: Jim Prisching/AP)

  2. Sunday Fundays: NFL Sundays ARE the epitome of Sunday Funday. There’s nothing better than waking up on Sundays with a day of football ahead of you and unlimited options. Whether you hit up a game at Soldier Field, head to your favorite watering hole with friends, or cozy up on the couch with your man, football Sundays are all about socializing and spending time with others while taking in the action on the field.
  3. One Game a Week: I’m a baseball nut, but I find the 162-game schedules exhausting. Who has time to watch five games a week? Not this girl. No matter how much you love the Cubs or the Sox, the baseball season is a looooong one that leaves many fans burnt out by September (especially if their team isn’t heading to the playoffs). I love the fact that the Bears play once a week – and only 16 games a season. It gives me something to look forward to all week long. It allows you to really concentrate on the season, the strategy and the players, not to mention all of the other things you need to tend to throughout the week.
  4. The Men: I’m talking on and off the field here. First ON the field: there’s a reason why women make up roughly 40% of NFL fans. These guys are HOT, athletic, amazing specimens of the human race. And what a variety! You like long and lean? Wide receivers are your guys. Big and beefy? Hello, linemen. Smart, calculating and built like normal men – the quarterback is your fix. Now let’s talk about OFF the field. There is no better way to meet men than on football Sundays. Sports bars are packed with guys all looking to have some fun while watching the game. Get your sports knowledge up to speed and there is no better accessory to help land a man or at least start some interesting conversations.
  5. The Camaraderie: Sports fans are essentially a large community. People follow their teams because they like to feel part of a bigger whole. There’s something very powerful about walking into a room full of strangers (hopefully attractive, single male strangers) on a football Sunday knowing that you all share something in common: the desire to WIN and the love of the team. Sports are a social currency among people and are one of the strongest passions that people share. Need more proof?  Just wear a Bears tee out one day running errands and see how many nods, smiles and “what did you think of Sunday’s game?” you get.

So do not fall into a sullen state now that the days are getting shorter and the leaves begin to turn. Instead, rejoice that football season is now upon us and relish in the fact that we have five months of football ahead.

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About the Author: Monica Murphy-Vargas

Monica Murphy-Vargas is the Founder of SportsDivas, Inc., the web-based sports and lifestyle magazine that streamlines the hottest sports news - all with a woman’s style and perspective.

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