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Napa Valley Film Festival

Fine Wine and Movies

by The Cheeky Wine Guide – October 16, 2012

Napa Valley Film FestivalGreat films. Great wine. If you’ve been thinking of a Napa trip this fall, now is the time. This is the second annual Napa Valley Film Festival – almost a week of combining two of my favorite things: well-made films and hand-crafted wines. Oh, come on – aren’t they your favorite things, too?

Brenda Lhormer and her husband Marc – the producers of the movie Bottle Shock about the infamous 1976 wine-tasting competition in Paris where Napa Valley wines beat the French wines – are the co-founders of  the film festival. There are movie venues all over the various towns in Napa Valley – from the Opera House in downtown Napa to screens in Yountville and St. Helena, independent films will be making their debuts up and down the valley. And, being in wine country, there will be wine tastings before many of the screenings November 7-11, 2012.

Last year was the first year of the festival, and yours truly was fortunate enough to attend, pour wines, taste wines and see some amazing films. I’m just sayin’…IF you were thinking of going to Napa, this is a good reason to book those tickets. Here are some of the highlights:

Wine pavilions in each of the four towns with more focused hours (2-5pm) and different winery lineups each day…literally 12 different wine-tasting experiences.

Billy Bush is back with Access Hollywood to host and cover the Celebrity Tribute Program…set this year for Friday evening (November 9) at Lincoln Theater. Honorees include Alan Cumming (Spotlight On), James Marsden (Trailblazer), Imogen Poots (Rising Star) and Adam Driver (Rising Star).

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