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Are Multi-Cultural Diets a Fad or the Real Deal?

Cheeky Examines The Parisian Diet and The Aztec Diet

by Lisa Payne – March 20, 2013

Remember the Grapefruit Diet? What about South Beach? Atkins? These days it seems like there are just as many fad diets out there as there are people looking for a quick fix. Not all diets stack up but lately we’ve seen a slew of new diets out there that take a fresh look at eating healthy and losing pounds. The Parisian Diet and The Aztec Diet give us the Cheeky scoop to eating healthy step-by-step without falling off the wagon.

Parlez-vous Français? French nutrition expert Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen created The Parisian Diet in 2007 as a way to reach more people than he could see in his office in a day. The diet is based around the idea of smaller portion sizes of foods that you like, setting a time and place to eat, and cooking meals with fresh ingredients. The first phase of the diet (the Café Phase) lasts eight to ten days and is a mostly liquid diet made of soups, purees and smoothies. The second phase (the Bistro Phase) lasts two to three weeks and includes protein and fiber-rich foods. And the third phase (the Gourmet Phase) allows you to add in a few indulgences like red wine or dark chocolate – all within reason, of course. “The Parisian Diet meals are based on how we, the French, make our menus. The way foods are paired can teach you to eat less high-calorie foods. I advise you to savor your meal, as we do. I’m not saying to take a two-hour lunch, but it’s enough to take 15, preferably 30, minutes just to eat a meal. It takes 20 minutes for the mind to feel that you are full, and you become more aware of your portions when the only thing you are doing is eating,” says Dr. Cohen. Reset your system then be able to indulge? People who’ve followed the program have lost as much as 70 pounds, according to The Parisian Diet website. You be the judge if it really does the job!

Chia Seeds

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Like The Parisian Diet, The Aztec Diet follows a three-phase program. New York Times best-selling author Dr. Bob Arnot penned the book “The Aztec Diet” touting chia seeds as the secret to weight-loss success. Chia seeds were the main source of food for Aztec warriors. Studies are now showing that they support heart health, stabilize blood sugar, they have anti-inflammatory properties and are high in protein, antioxidants and fiber. Follow the program, plus drink three chia seed smoothies a day. Enter into the second phase and you replace your lunch smoothie with a nutrient dense meal. The third phase has you following a maintenance diet designed by Dr. Arnot. Reports on such networks as ABC suggest that The Aztec Diet is the next big thing. Read the book to see if this fits your Cheeky lifestyle and goals.


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