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Shower Your Mom with Love (and Jewelry) this Mother’s Day

C.D. Peacock Offers Bling Bling for Your Fave Lady

by Katelyn Finn – May 9, 2012

Among other beautiful things, May is associated with the warm love and nurturing kindness of our mothers: the women who were there to hug us when we were scared, to wipe away our tears when we scraped our knees, and to hold our hands on the first day of school. As we grew older, they taught us to act like ladies: to apply lipstick, to carry oneself with grace, to adorn ourselves with beautiful clothing. Mothers show us that home really is where the heart is, and that we can always find strength at our roots. With Mother’s Day coming up this Sunday, I thought: why not show our mamas a little love – and C.D. Peacock is the place to start. With brands like Rolex, Hermes, Chanel, Cartier and more, C.D. Peacock offers an amazing variety of exceptional jewelry for every occasion, but I have a feeling our moms will be the happiest recipients.


Do you remember watching your mom get ready for a night out? Sophisticated in every sense of the word, wouldn’t you say? These gorgeous C.D. Peacock 1837 Collection Pear Shaped Diamond and Emerald Earrings are perfect for the woman who showed you that elegance comes from within.


Is your mom the epitome of fashion-forward style  Shower her with these of-the-moment Roberto Coin Primavera Collection Bracelets, one in each: yellow, white and rose gold – she will be grinning from ear to ear.


Although women have the (unfair) reputation of having a lack of punctuality, there are many lovely ladies who know exactly how to be on time. Is your mama one of these gals? Decorate her wrist with the C.D. Peacock 1837 Collection Lady’s Stainless Steel Quartz Diamond Watch to keep her chic all around the clock.


Would you describe your mamacita as more of a simple and classic kind of girl? Beautiful in an LBD and neutral makeup? For the mom who thinks less is more, surprise her with this stunning Mikimoto Twist Collection Black Sea Cultured Peal Ring.


On the contrary, for the Mom who likes to cover herself in beautiful baubles: the Kwiat Star Collection Diamond Bracelet is ideal. The epitome of luxury and style: just like the lady herself.


About the Author: Katelyn Finn

Katelyn has had an interest in fashion ever since the ripe old age of four when her mother gave her a dress up box: consisting mainly of old bridesmaid dresses, eclectic 80’s pumps and some serious costume jewelry.