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Meet Chicago’s Best Waxer

Rhonda Oakes Leaves You Happily Hair-Free

by Erica Bethe Levin – April 11, 2012
2956 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago

Where to find a great waxChicago, meet THE best – I mean, the mac daddy, cream of the crop, icing on the cake – waxer in town. We all want need one, but don’t know where to find one – one that will hurt the least, charge us appropriately and leave us hair-free and happy.

I am here to tell you that Rhonda Oakes, 2956 N. Lincoln Avenue (inside Aspire Pilates), fits the bill. I have been visiting Rhonda now for almost seven years and although NO wax is an ice cream sundae with sugar on top, her procedures are maybe equivalent to a low-fat version of said dessert. Not bad for something that involves hot wax and hair removal.

Whether you’re looking for a perfectly contoured eyebrow design, a little grooming before Spring Break 2012 or a waxing of the Brazilian variety, Rhonda Oakes is your go-to girl. Utilizing only the best products in skin and hair care, you will leave Rhonda’s studio (which is quaint, relaxing, CLEAN and houses a rockin’ soundtrack) knowing that your face, arms, legs or lady parts were well taken care of. And you might even make a new friend along the way because Miss O. is hilarious, charming and an excellent listener. Which is key when instructing someone whether you want a Brazilian or a Bikini.

Please, for the love of chocolate, do not take one more waxing where you yelp in pain, leave red and itchy or – worse – without portions of your skin or are forced to drown yourself in painkillers. You’ll leave Lincoln Avenue feeling refreshed, clean, rejuvenated, happy and, most importantly, follicle-free.


About the Author: Erica Bethe Levin

Erica Bethe Levin is the Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of She loves to write, but she also really loves her dog Pippin, spaghetti, wine and Billy Joel.