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The Cheekiest Lady of All

by Showbiz Shelly – July 12, 2012

Singer Katy Perry is arguably one of the most successful female artists in history. Her latest album Teenage Dream spawned five number one singles, tying her only with the one-of-a-kind Michael Jackson. Now, the songstress has a new 3D film out July 5 that documents everything from behind-the-scenes of her concert tour to life after her divorce from comedian Russell Brand. I traveled to LA for a pool party Katy hosted, and let’s just say… we chatted.

Cheeky: Why did you want to do this movie?

Katy Perry: Well, I didn’t know it was going to be such a huge deal, but it’s always awesome when it turns into a huge deal. I had an idea for this film or to document the whole process of last year because in December, 2010, I brought out these guys who worked with me on the “Firework” music video. They were such cool cinematographers. They filmed everything. I was like, I want you to go on tour with me the whole year because I feel like something big is happening and I want to document it. I want to remember it for the rest of my life and maybe show it to the people who like me in some capacity like my fans, and little did I know it was going to be this huge motion picture like ‘Hollywood. Paramount Studios.’ Right now I’m in the process of approving billboards… a billboard! It’s a whole new world.  I feel like I’m a more seasoned person about music than I was five years ago, but the movie industry is a new thing for me, so every day is kind of a new experience and a learning curve. It’s fantastic. I just want it to show people behind the curtain what I do. I love learning about a person and about how they got to where they are. One of my favorite documentaries is Madonna’s Truth or Dare. I’ve always loved Madonna because I’ve loved her music but when I watched that I felt like, ‘Oh my god.  She’s a real person.’ And I connect with her. I love her sense of humor. I’d hang out with her friends. She made me feel like I could do what she did. Obviously, I’m not saying I can do it…

Cheeky: Yes, you can! You have more number one singles than any artist!

KP: No, no don’t say that!

Cheeky: You do, though!

KP: No more fan rivalries!

Cheeky: Well, you really do have one of the biggest albums of all time with more number one singles than any female artist. Did you know you had something with the Teenage Dream album? Did you have a feeling?

KP: It would be a bit arrogant for me to say that I knew, but I had a feeling.

Cheeky: Really?

KP:  Yea. I have this feeling whenever I write a song and if I think that the song has legs enough to be popular or for people to really respond to it, I get this feeling. It’s almost like Christmas Eve jitters. And so I had the same feeling about this record. In the beginning, I was never going to say, ‘Oh this record is going to be the greatest’ because I didn’t want to jinx it, but I could feel tremors of something coming.

Cheeky: Finally, have you heard of the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon?

KP:  I’ve heard someone mention something about it. But I will check it out…it might be a feature film like the Dragon Tattoo whole bit?

Cheeky: Yes! Exactly. Not quite like your film though.

KP: Well, we’ll see! Who knows! Don’t jinx it! Where’s the wood?

To see the video of this interview and some hilarious moments from krazy Katy, please click here!


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