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Spring Cleaning: Get Juiced

The Best Juice Cleanses Chicago Has to Offer

by Stacy Levy – April 25, 2012

The winter-that-never-was may have spared us bitter cold days and “thundersnow,” but most of us still did not escape an immersion into hibernation. Countless meals of rich comfort food, hitting snooze instead of spin class and the dry, cold air left us with dull skin, a weakened immune system, decreased energy and perhaps a few extra pounds. With spring cleaning in full bloom and beach season only weeks away, what better time than now to rid your body of toxins and impurities? Juice cleanses, packed with fresh fruits and veggies, may be just what the Doctor ordered. Benefits include a boosted immune system, increased energy, improved digestion, weight loss, clearer skin and overall physical rejuvenation… sounds too good to be true? Not exactly… Cheeky saved you the groundwork and scouted out Chicago’s top juice cleanses and special offers to boot.

BluePrint Cleanse:

Round-up: A pioneer in the juice cleansing trend, BluePrint (also known as BPC) has smooth, flavorful juices that make the process easy as pie. Well, maybe not pie. Cleansers can choose their level – Renovation, Foundation or Excavation – each level a little more “difficult,” including more green juice and less fruit. For an added convenience, BPC partners with Exhale Spa in the Gold Coast where juicers can pick up their cleanses.

Best for: The Cheeky chick who wants to drink, not think.

Cheeky Deal: 20% off with code CHEEKYBPC. Hurry! Offer expires April 28, 2012.

 Green Corner:

Round-up: Family-owned by two sisters, this all organic juicery offers low-sugar concoctions that are sure to speed up the detoxing process. The signature green juice tastes about as close to the earth as it gets. Cleansers can choose the length of their cleanse, which can be picked up at their kitschy Bucktown location.

Best for: The hard core Cheeky chick who likes her juice pure and simple.

Cheeky Deal: Purchase 10 juices or smoothies, get one free. Offer expires June 30, 2012. Mention promo code CHEEKY10.

Juice Rx:

Round-up: The juices are fresh, organic, unpasteurized and vegan. Juicers choose their flavors and pick from 14 unique elixirs, including the creamy (and dreamy) Strawberries ‘n’ Cream Cashew Milk. Three-, five- or six-day cleanses are available. Added bonus? Juices are produced in Chicago and personally delivered to your doorstep.

Best for: The Cheeky chick who favors options and convenience.

Cheeky Deal: $15 off any order through June 1, 2012. Mention promo code CHEEKY15.

 Peeled Chicago:

Round-up: Located in the heart of Lincoln Park, this storefront even smells like  good health… in the form of fresh wheatgrass. Customized cleanses, comprising of six juices per day, are all natural and flavorful. Cleanses are  available in a three-, five- or ten-day option. In addition to cleanses, Peeled offers an impressive menu of healthy smoothies, raw foods and a variety of cold-pressed  juices.

Best for: The Cheeky chick who wants to know her juicer.

Cheeky Deal: 15% off any juice, smoothie or cleanse through May 31, 2012. Use promo code CHEEKYJUICE online or mention Cheeky in store.

A few days on juice will help to flush out your system, release foreign substances that may be weighing you down and even jumpstart weight loss. To boost benefits while cleansing, try exfoliating with a dry brush, breaking a sweat at least once a day, getting a massage or sitting in a sauna, steam or hot bath. While juice cleansing or participating in any detoxing program can be a great kick-start to cleaner living and improved well being, juice should not be a permanent replacement for food nor should it be a crash diet. Of course, consult your doctor before starting any new diet or weight loss program.


About the Author: Stacy Levy

Stacy Levy is a Certified Yoga Instructor and Holistic Health Coach who supports people in living with purpose and vitality through mindful eating, balanced nutrition, breathing and meditation techniques, and Yoga. Stacy teaches Yoga classes at studios and health clubs throughout Chicago and is the Founder of Aura Yoga & Wellness. Visit or email Twitter: @stacy_levy