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Hannukah 2011 : Facebook 2014

January 30, 2014

The other day, I was talking to my best friend PJ who lives in New York. I’ve known P for over 10 years. Very few people know me the way she does. Very few people know her the way I do. We met when we were fresh out of college: struggling actresses by day, ballin’ cocktail waitresses by night.  She has an uncanny ability to roll her eyes at my whole “Cheeky life” while simultaneously remaining my biggest, truest, number one fan. “Remember when you thought green glitter eye shadow was cool to wear every day?,” she loves to remind me. These days, aside from our monthly “phone dates,” we mainly keep up …  Read more

to Be Cheeky.

April 24, 2013

I stumbled upon this Facebook post the other day. I was actually tagged in a comment thread by a fellow female entrepreneur whom I only know socially, but who emanates true Cheeky-ness always, and I just adore her.  I don’t know the girl who wrote this post personally either, but if I ever met her,  I’d give her a huge high-five. (And probably a hug.) We are all inundated on social media with everything from breaking news updates to self-promoting posts about what people like to eat. (Guilty as charged.) But once in a while, we will read something that shoots an arrow straight to our hearts and articulates how we …  Read more


July 2, 2012

No, this isn’t going to be a recant of a really lame Avril Lavinge song. It’s just another long, overdue blog. I KNOWWWW every time I write one I promise I will write another one soon and then, alas, six, seven, even eight months have gone by and not a peep. (For those that actually care and pay attention: I’m genuinely sorry.) Believe me, the lack of consistent blogging is not out of laziness. And to be totally honest, it’s not really because I have been sooooooo busy.  (Which I am. But so is everybody, so that’s a lame excuse.)  To be totally transparent:  I just haven’t felt I’ve had anything worthwhile to say. Until …  Read more