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Jessica Simpson in Illinois

Nothing Short of Daisy Dukes

by Kim Peiffer – February 25, 2009

Jessica Simpson in Illinois“For any of you who are in love out there, it’s a good love day,” said sexy songstress, Jessica Simpson, at her recent Illinois concert. And it certainly was, with her hottie boyfriend watching her every move from the front row.

Simpson has been singing in front of crowds for years; but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t get butterflies in her stomach. While opening for Rascal Flatts recently in Champaign, Simpson wanted to make sure the song she dedicated to boyfriend (and audience member), Tony Romo, was perfect. “There’s somebody special here tonight that I love very much,” she said, as she started to choke up. “It’s a song about this guy…..he still loves me. I can relax with him and he’s my everything. He’s my Sunday.” After she began “You’re My Sunday” and she seemed to struggle with singing it, she asked the band to stop and begin again. “I’m starting it over!” she playfully told the crowd. “I’m nervous!” But loyal fans cheered her on and the second time around, she pulled it off whole-heartedly.

Despite harsh reports that the singer goofed up her lyrics the night before at her concert in Michigan, Simpson was all smiles, and she looked nothing short of smokin’ hot, either. Simpson came onstage looking confident in super short daisy duke jean shorts, a tight black tee-shirt with a gold design and knee-high tan boots.

Simpson wasn’t done giving shout-outs to her man either, who was seated just a few rows back with friends. As she began her song “Come on Over”, she said “This song is about a cute boy who likes to wear his hat backwards.” As she said those words, she pointed at Romo with her foot and winked. Romo took off his hat, which had been facing frontwards, turned it around to face backwards, smiled and cheered on his girl as she sang to him. Romo didn’t come solo either; he brought an entire block of seats in the front section and filled them with his friends and family.

Simpson also continued to thank her fans for being there for her. “I’m so thankful to be here and so appreciative of everyone’s love and support out there,” Simpson said to the crowd.
She also connected some of her ability to heal through the power of prayer. “I grew up as a minister’s daughter and as a family we would pray out loud,” she told fans. “No matter what we go through, we can pray out loud and always have someone to lean on.”

As she finished her last song, she walked off stage wishing everyone goodnight. “I love all y’all,” she said. “Don’t forget to pray out loud.”

About the Author: Kim Peiffer

Kim fell in love with writing, editing and fashion while studying abroad and interning at Vogue in London back in college and has been committed to the biz ever since. From working for In Style Magazine in Los Angeles to working as Marketing Director at CS Magazine, she has covered all the bases of the media world in the past five years. She has also worked for Oprah Winfrey and currently writes for People magazine,, CS Magazine, DailyCandy, CS Brides, The Men's Book and many more. She is currently finishing up her Master's degree in Journalism at Northwestern University.

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