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Spring + Parties = Hostess Gifts Under $40

Be the Belle of the Ball with These Host(ess) Gifts

by Lakesha Rose – April 18, 2013

Spring + parties = hostess gifts under $40!

Yippee! The constant sun-shorts-sandals weather has arrived…(kinda). That also means parties, weddings and new home parties, etc. I don’t normally have hostess gifts laying around the house. But when I get invited to a party, I never come empty handed. We all know wine is much appreciated no matter how many times you get it. But, I wanted to show you some great gifts for under $40 (that don’t include vino).

I think it’s a good idea to purchase gifts that are functional and will be used often. Since you are buying for a friend or family member, you know a little something about their personality so keep that in mind when shopping for them. One more tip: I like to buy a quality item while still staying within a reasonable budget.

So I split the gift offerings into four categories: cook, entertaining, “city” version gardener and newly married. I am almost certain you can fit a girlfriend into one or more of these categories.

For the Cook:

I have used these Williams-Sonoma spatulas and towels for years. They may seem a bit pricey. But for the consummate home chef, the quality is worth its weight in gold and they will love you all the more for it.

Set of three spatulas: $27

Set of four towels: $19

Williams-Sonoma spatula and towels

These milk bottle measuring cups from Anthropologie are delightfully clever and unexpected. It will probably bring a smile to your friend or family member for years to come.

Milk bottle measuring cups: $24

For the Entertainer:

The girl who loves to entertain can never have too many platters. At least that’s what I think…my husband begs to differ.

The entertainer in all of us wants to show off our food on a spectacular platter that is admired, but simple enough to sit in the back ground so the food will be the star.

Here are a few choices from Crate & Barrel:

Acacia wedge server: $21.95

French Kitchen marble pedestal $29.95











For the “City” Gardener:

Crate & Barrel glass herb keeper $19.95

Crate & Barrel Nalani tall planter: $29.95











For the Newly Married:

Who’s not a sucker for their own monogram?

Williams-Sonoma monogrammed stainless steel shaker: $32

Williams-Sonoma monogrammed stainless tool set: $34.95












Hey Ladies, what are some of your great hostess gift ideas?

Happy partying!

About the Author: Lakesha Rose

Lakesha Rose is a 6 year volunteer at Common Threads where she gives children’s cooking classes with an emphasis on creating enhanced cultural experiences that build social confidence. She is Honorary Chair of Almost Home Kids, a proud recipient of a 2013 Changing Worlds Humanitarian Award and annual “MC” at the Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control Event. Lakesha Rose is also the founder of L.Rose Design a lifestyle design company and resides in Chicago with her husband, legendary Chicago Sports Broadcaster, Jim Rose and their dog Petey.