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Look Festive, Not Freaky: Halloween-Inspired Fashion

How to Rock the Halloween Theme

by Kari Radjewski – October 24, 2012

Fashionable Halloween inspired outfits

The anticipation for Halloween undeniably has the same haunting effect as it did during childhood days. That is, even if we are now more interested in drinking pumpkin ale than carving jack-o-lanterns (um, or not). The bottom line is we seek out spooky ways to celebrate long before it’s time to put on our costumes.

But while we wait to get into character, we might as well sport a wardrobe referencing this fun-filled time of year. Translating this without seeming overeager can be tricky. To look festive, not freaky, read up on a few pointers here:


[Skull Accessories + Orange Pants]

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The classic Halloween colors are (obvi) black and orange with bold purple. You could assemble a smart color blocking combo if you want to wear all three.  Or you can use one to pop your outfit like the featured lace pants or circle skirt.


[Howling Jewelry + Candy Corn Nails]

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If you favor a neutral palette, let accessories lead. No, I’m not talking about a broomstick. Skulls and wolves, as shown, are especially an investment right now; trendy on the fashion front and festive facets of Halloween (I love a twofer). Themed add-ons are subtle innuendos to haunted holiday excitement when wearing a basic tunic and jeans.  Jewelry, embellishments on shoes, cat-eye sunglasses – there are an array of fixings and Cheeky décor.


[Sleeping Bat Sweater + Purple Skirt]

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Ghosts, spiders, vampires, oh my! Forget subtlety; express youthful enthusiasm by showing it with iconic images. Whether your preference is a candy-corn mani or a bat sleeping on your sweater, proudly, and explicitly, remind people Halloween is right around the corner.

Take advantage of this time of year with apparel. But just like Witch’s Brew and fun-sized candy, indulge with moderation. Chose which area to play into and work around it. Don’t wear all your favorites at once or you’ll end up looking like a Hallo-weenie!

About the Author: Kari Radjewski

A Cheeky girl makes a first impression without saying a word. That’s what Kari loves most about fashion; dressing to express the day’s mood and mission. Girly, preppy, hobo or rock 'n’ roll, her style can’t be defined, always channeling inspiration from the runway and translating looks onto the “real way.” You can see more of Kari’s resourceful sense of style and read her quirky anecdotes on her personal blog, Style at a $teal.