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Gym Class Heroes Shut Down Fantabuloso

Mesmerizing Hooks for All

by Jennifer Boyer – June 15, 2012

Last but not least at this year’s Fantabuloso was Gym Class Heroes. The quartet started out with the mainstream hit that brought them to the forefront of people’s minds and ears, “Cupid’s Chokehold.” Neon Hitch made her one and only appearance when she joined Gym Class Heroes for their current chart-climbing hit single “Ass Back Home.” Once the duet between Hitch and Gym Class Heroes frontman Travis McCoy drew to a close, Hitch exited backstage to fly on over to the next city’s radio show where she would only perform half of some other artist’s song. I’m just saying…

“This song goes out to anybody who has ever felt like an underdog,” stated McCoy. “Anyone who has been bullied. Don’t stand around and pretend like nothing’s happening. You have to promise me that you’ll stand up.” As McCoy preached about the detrimental imbalance of power that fuels bullying, a lovely piano motif belonging to “The Fighter” crept in until the tune exploded into an anthemic chorus.

Those of us who stayed until the end put our imaginations to use for what came next. “You got your headphones in,” McCoy began, “Listening to that new Gym Class Heroes. Then you stumble upon a ridiculous sum of money. Let’s say a billion dollars. Are you gonna be selfish with it? Or selfless? I’ll tell you what I would do.”

As McCoy trailed off, the opening ukulele riff for his smash hit “Billionaire” accompanied the infamous Bruno Mars hook that made thousands of Chicagoans sing along. Mind you, this song is not a Gym Class Heroes track. McCoy released solo album Lazarus while on break from his band; “Billionaire” brought everyone’s attention around to the newly tagged Travie McCoy. “I’d pay all your tuitions y’all!” exclaimed McCoy midsong while the remaining three members of Gym Class Heroes were made (resentfully, perhaps?)  to play a song they had no part in creating.

“Hearts with pinkies up,” instructed McCoy as he demonstrated how to make his version of a handmade – literally – heart. “Now it’s a heart with a stereo!” And there you have it, folks. “Stereo Hearts,” undeniably the group’s biggest single to date (thanks to Maroon 5’s Adam Levine singing that delicious refrain), shut down KISS FM’s Fantabuloso with a bang. “Can you feel that?” inquired the rapper. “Can you feel my heartbeat?” I don’t know anybody who can’t help but sing along to that chorus.

About the Author: Jennifer Boyer

Jennifer Boyer photographs and reviews artists live in concert with the added bonus of interviewing her favorite musicians, singers, songwriters and producers. She resides in New York City where she captures and witnesses great moments in live music. Jennifer’s obsession with music and concerts has turned two of her hobbies into dreams come true.