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GEORGE The Salon: Summertime Sorcerers

See Where the (Hair) Magic Happens

by Jess Piet – June 20, 2012
23 W. Hubbard St., Chicago

As Chicago’s enchantingly warm summer winds rolled in – I, too, was ready to heat things up. It was time for a visit to my miraculous mates at GEORGE The Salon.

Brooke and Mercedes colored and cut me into a summertime sweetie – but they offered up much more than that. The ladies’ expertise and welcoming warmth delivered comfort parallel only to that of my cozy little South Loop pad.

My ombre obsession is still going strong, so my consultation with Brooke was short and sweet: “Intensified ombre, please.”

Brooke might be psychic. She knew exactly what to do, creating a symphony of lemon bright blonde, bronzy brunette and all shades in between. Get a load of this: as I was about to suggest re-bleaching my blonde bottom to intensify the look, Brooke forewarned me of the dangers (split ends, frizz, breakage!?!) of over-processing the hair. This mane magician knew the trick. She darkened the top rather than lightening the bottom. A-ha!

Brooke added a few blonde bursts in sun-kissable areas and sent me to Sarah for a Pureology shampoo fit for a queen – or at least someone really fancy.

The mollifying movements of Sarah’s expert claws put me in a trance as the peppermint lather infused my senses. I was a zombie. A fancy zombie.

A refreshing soda helped snap me back to reality, where the team moved me to the chair of the Argentine Scissor Scientist herself, Mercedes Urquiza Parrilli. Mercedes’ precise cutting techniques garnered her senior stylist status, offering a (mini) mid-appointment workout.

After a few up-downs in and out of her chair to perfect the precision of the cut, it was just right. The look was completed with a blast of Mercedes’ blowdryer, teasing for vicious volume and an overall bewitching bouffant we coined “The Messy Mercedes” – which totally made me feel rocker-chic radical.

So, George, are these ladies really just hair stylists… or strand-loving sorcerers?


(photo credit: Kat Filipinas)


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