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Friends Who Rise Together, Stay Forever

by Jennifer Boyer – January 13, 2011

Katy Perry may very well be Miss “Dominating the Charts with Hit Songs” at the moment, but her California Gurlfriend Mia Moretti is #WERKing for the title of Miss “Up-and-Coming In-Demand DJ of the Year.” Cheeky scored the inside scoop on how these two musical minxes met back in the day…

Cheeky: Do you write your own original material?

Mia Moretti: I have been working on an original song with Corey Enemy that we wrote three years ago. We found it while working on the “Peacock” remix for Katy’s new record. I would love to make an album with guest artists and have a different artist sing on each track.

Mia Moretti

Mia Moretti

Cheeky: How did your friendship with Katy Perry begin?

MM: We met in Los Angeles. We had mutual friends.

Cheeky: Do you feel like Katy Perry’s super successful career has in turn helped your own career as an in-demand DJ?

MM: Katy has never given a friend an opportunity just because that person is her friend. I am friends with tons of artists and that fact has not made a big difference in the success of my career. I remixed Katy’s song “Hot N Cold” from her first record and Katy never promoted it and never put it out. I made a remix of her single “Waking Up In Vegas” as well. Katy chose her top three remixes* of that song to release on an EP and my remix was not in her top three picks.

*DJs Calvin Harris, Jason Nevins and Manhattan Clique are the three whose mixes made it onto the Waking Up In Vegas The Remixes EP.

Mia Moretti and Katy Perry

Mia Moretti and Katy Perry

Cheeky: How did the opportunity to remix Katy’s “Hot N Cold” come about?

MM: I asked Katy if I could do it. “Hot N Cold” is my favorite song from her first record and I wanted to remix it. She is a good friend of mine. I was with her when she was pitching the singles from One of the Boys. I was in the room with Katy and her record label during meetings and discussions about which tracks would be released as singles and which songs would be remixed. She let me remix “Hot N Cold,” but my edit never made it onto the Hot N Cold Remixes EP.

*DJs Innerpartysystem, Bimbo Jones, Manhattan Clique and Yelle are the four whose edits made the cut.

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