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Be Festive AND Fashionable for the Fourth

Showing Pride on the Outside

by Kari Radjewski – June 26, 2013

Holy sh*t! Are you in utter disbelief about it being the Fourth of July next week?

My first thought: New Year’s Eve feels like yesterday…

My second thought: What am I going to wear?

Years back, I had an amazing opportunity to live outside the country, but as they say: distance makes the heart grow fonder. While I longed for familiarities of the States, being away also taught me about my homeland, allowing me to recognize, appreciate and understand American culture. When separated from normalcy, forced to assimilate in a foreign environment, noticing nuances of daily life is inevitable. From baseball and BBQs, to democracy and the dollar; we aren’t a perfect country, but we are blessed to be living in the USA. This Independence Day, as you relax on a rooftop with friends and family, sipping Budweiser in a sassy coozie, staring at the cityscape and the array of fireworks blasting in every direction, ponder your fortunes fostered by where you reside.

In addition to getting deep, show some love on the surface; wear pride on the outside…red, white, blue… stars, stripes…the whole shebang.  Here is a selection of patriotic pieces to get you in the mood for ‘Merica’s 237th birthday (gosh, she ages well, doesn’t she?!):


Patriotic Fashion

Red: Skirt / Headphones / Nail Polish / Phone Cover / Necklace / Wrap Shirt / Heels / Purse / Fedora / Cuff / Star Bracelet

White: Watch / Ruffle Shirt / Rope Bracelet / Sandals / Jeans / Tank / Sunglasses / Flower Earrings

Blue: Flag Towel / Swimsuit / Cross-Body Purse / USA Cap / Blouse / Earrings / Bow Sandals / Polka Dot Shorts / Maxi Dress / Red & Blue Sandals / Sailboat Sweater / Yin Yang Glasses / Coozie

About the Author: Kari Radjewski

A Cheeky girl makes a first impression without saying a word. That’s what Kari loves most about fashion; dressing to express the day’s mood and mission. Girly, preppy, hobo or rock 'n’ roll, her style can’t be defined, always channeling inspiration from the runway and translating looks onto the “real way.” You can see more of Kari’s resourceful sense of style and read her quirky anecdotes on her personal blog, Style at a $teal.