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A Facial Virgin Gets the Royal Treatment

Fitness Formula Clubs Go All Out with Their Signature Facial

by Carlin Sack – August 15, 2012

I left Fitness Formula Clubs in Lincoln Park last week ready to conquer the world (or at least the shops on North Avenue). Why? I can assure you this euphoria was NOT an endorphin high from an intensive workout at FFC. There’s a better reason: I got my first facial.

To think I was a facial virgin before walking into FFC! The immense pleasure that is a facial was unknown to me. But boy, did I learn a lot once stepping foot into the FFC Spa. I learned that when you book a Signature Facial at FFC, you’re not booking a 20-minute rub-a-dub for your face, but you’re actually booking a hand, foot, back, chest AND shoulder massage as well. Who knew? I also learned that a Signature FFC Facial equals 80 minutes of pure bliss. Simple as that.

When a girl at FFC handed me a robe and told me she was going to get my hot stone foot soak ready, I actually thought they booked me for the wrong appointment. Facial AND foot bath? That just couldn’t be possible. But it was. Josefina did my foot and hand massages while I sat waiting in huge leather chairs. She was super sweet and enthusiastic about her work, telling me all about why she liked studying massage therapy and how rewarding it is for her. I was just sitting there, nodding, 100% relaxed.

“Oh, I found some tension here,” she murmured as she began poking and kneading my forearm. The tension was most likely from typing away at my laptop for tens hours on end, not from any strenuous weight-lifting activities that my surroundings might implicate, but I didn’t mention that.

Robynne did my actual facial treatment and back massage. At first she asked me questions about my skin and explained a little bit about the treatment, but then after about 10 minutes she said that we would resume talking until after the treatment. As soon as she said that, I started to drift away into the peaceful room, weaving in and out of sleep.

Through the entire treatment, which included a smattering of creams (the pumpkin antioxidant cleanser was uh-maze) and a Derma Peel enzyme treatment that tingled to the point of stinging, my skin felt happier and healthier.

But the part that made my skin THE happiest was the cool ice globe massage. What is that? I’ll explain myself: first Robynne put some very thin gauze-like material over my face (not gonna lie, kinda made me feel like a mummy), then rolled two cold glass-like balls slowly over my face. This not only did some much-needed inflammation reduction, but felt incredible. Plus, it just looked cool. To top off the whole treatment, she masked my face with some eZinc protective cream so I could hit the road while their healing and soothing powers worked magic.

After I got dressed and shook myself out of my dream-like state, Robynne met me out in the lobby to bid me goodbye with some information about my skin and product recommendations. Talk about all-inclusive. For $100 (or $80 for the month of August), I’d say the Signature Facial was well worth the price. I mean, how could 80 minutes of treating your body not be?

About the Author: Carlin Sack

Carlin is Cheeky's editorial and social media intern and a Chicago enthusiast. She is in love with learning about the city and all the interesting people that bring it to life. Carlin is a student at Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism.