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Yes, These Gym Classes ARE Complimentary!

Get More Bang for Your Buck!

by Caitlin Morrissey – September 19, 2012

So, we know how it goes. We sign up for a gym membership saying, “WOW! Look at all of these free classes! I’m totally going in for one of those!” And then months go by. “Oh, that one is just too early. A class would be embarrassing. I don’t need that. I don’t have time…” We know all those reasons you don’t go into boot camp or spinning or Pilates or yoga. But we are here to tell you that you’re paying for it! Remember when you signed up? Those classes are part of the membership. The classes are complimentary! Stop making excuses, get all the bang for your buck and do something new!

I was one of those that would stick to the treadmill. It was tread or bust. Just keep running, maybe try an incline, but that was it. Pretty standard. Pretty boring. When I signed up for my membership, I was amazed by all the classes I could take! Piloxing? Never heard of it! So, just to get my feet wet, I went in for a spin class to change it up. I thought I’d start with something I’d heard of, but never tried!

I walked in, timid at first, getting a bike in the way back (flashback to grade school). The thought crossed my mind that I could be the only one in the class, but as time ticked closer to the start, people filled in! I was not alone, and I could finally relax. That is… until the class kicked my butt.

Spinning is tough. As I struggled through, the teacher encouraged me, and the group atmosphere pushed me to do my best as I pushed back on the pedals! If you’ve ever been part of a team, taking a class can be similar to having a coach and teammates. It creates a sense of community, and you think, if they can do it, I can too! If you need that extra motivation, classes can be the best formula for success.

It was a challenge, but it torched calories and changed up my monotonous exercise routine! Plus, the class made me realize that I can do a different exercise a few days a week, work different muscles and stay motivated with new classes that interest me! I’ll stick to the treadmill some days, but classes can change it up! Now I can even try Piloxing.

Don’t be over anxious, embarrassed or lazy! Try a class to revamp your workout routine and get what you’re paying for! You don’t have to go everyday. Make it a weekly thing, and even better, get a friend to go with you!

About the Author: Caitlin Morrissey

Caitlin is CheekyChicago's Editorial and Social Media Assistant. Graduating from Indiana University in May of 2012 (GO HOOSIERS!), Caitlin moved back to her hometown outside of Chicago to pursue a career in writing and editing. With a LOVE for Chicago, writing and reading, Cheeky is the perfect fit for Caitlin to discover and enhance her passions.