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Yoga at the Zoo

June 28, 2012
6pm - 7pm
2001 N. Clark St., Chicago

So, we always think that somehow, when you do normal things like party or exercise and bring it to the zoo, it gets THAT much cooler. And now, we’re bringing you yoga at the zoo!

Come to Lincoln Park Zoo tonight for some relaxing yoga while you enjoy views of the skyline! And don’t worry about your skill level. There are beginner and intermediate yoga classes available!

Classes are $20 per person, but you can sign up for monthly access to yoga at the zoo for a discounted rate. But always make sure you bring your own mats and a bottle of water. Staying hydrated is part of the relaxation process, too.

So go to the zoo for a fun twist on your typical yoga sesh. We’re pretty sure you’ll love it.