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“Weekend Wine’d Up” at Lemon Tree Grocer

June 14, 2012
6pm - 8pm
935 W. Burlington Ave., Downers Grove

Wine tastings, live music and great food – our favorite things! And now, you can get it all in one place!

Lemon Tree Grocer is starting a new tradition called “Weekend Wine’d Up!” Every Thursday evening starting now, Lemon Tree will host a reception-style event giving you the chance to taste the best in vino, brews and cocktails. And if you have any questions about what you’re drinking, just ask one of the local wine reps. They’ll tell you all about the flavor profiles and more!

Also, while you enjoy your favorite drink, sample Lemon Tree’s selection of cheeses and charcuterie while listening to some fantastic live music as the background to your evening. And if you’re especially enjoying what you’re drinking, take a bottle of the night’s featured wine home for 15% off!

Start the weekend off right on Thursday with a little vino and a little cheese. Just the way we like it.