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W Chicago Lakeshore Presents Chicago’s First Instagram Photo Exhibit

July 26, 2012
6pm - 8pm
644 N. Lake Shore Dr., Chicago

Instagram.. it’s kind of a staple for Cheeky when it comes to how we like to share what we’re doing, eating, breathing… you get the point. For all you out there who haven’t tried Instagram yet…well, you SHOULD. Because it’s probably the niftiest little app that you’ll ever use on your Smartphone/makes everything you do look about 1000% cooler. So when we heard there was something called an Instagram Photo Exhibit happening, we just HAD to tell you about it.

W Chicago Lakeshore is bringing you Chicago’s first ever Instagram Photo Exhibit today! The exhibit will feature images from the app’s more emerging photographers as well as winners of a social media contest inviting instagramers from all over the world to upload images using the hash tag #WVIEW.

The event will take place at the W Chicago Lakeshore Living Room and Wave Patio, which will showcase the winning Instagram prints, a live DJ set by DJ Megan Taylor (our favorite Cheeky DJ!) and interactive moments with Instagram prints by Onomonomedia. And while you’re checking all this out, you can enjoy some cocktails courtesy of Hendricks Gin.

Taking art to a new level…we like it.