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Ugly X-Mas Sweater Extravaganza

December 25, 2012
7pm - 11pm
2011 W. North Avenue, Chicago

No plans for today? Not everyone gets a visit from the big guy in the red suit. Maybe you were naughty this year and want to keep it up, well, we found something for you to do!

The 3rd annual X-mas Sweater Party Hop-Rock Extravaganza is today! Subterranean is giving you a grand show on Christmas Day! Come cap of Christmas with one of your ugly sweaters you save for an event just like this. It explains why it still sits in your closet. The event features a raffle and musical performances by Blak2Con, Drunken Monkee, Drama Foxx, Reign Supreme, Chink Money, Manny Duke, The Might UAC, Guttermayne and DJ Ryz.

Tickets are $5-8 and you can find more information here!

Give that ugly sweater some purpose this year, and join in on the Hop-Rock Extravaganza!