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Theatre Seven of Chicago Presents Exit, Pursued By A Bear

July 15, 2012
2pm - 4pm
2257 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago

Cheeky is all about being independent and standing up for yourself. And now we’ve got a show for you that’s REALLY all about not letting anyone keep you down.

Theatre Seven of Chicago is bringing you Exit, Pursued By A Bear at the Greenhouse Theatre Center! Now, we know what you’re thinking…what the heck is this play about (bears, exciting…huh)?!

Basically, Exit, Pursued By A Bear tells the story about a woman who decides to leave her abusive husband behind, but not before tying him up and leaving him for the friendly neighborhood bear to have a nice feast. Along the way, she tells stories and re-enacts scenes about her marriage to the audience.

This play takes a comedic spin on addressing a serious issue and it is going to be a downright outrageous revenge comedy about dreams, healing and the casual tying of that asshole we all know to the living room chair.

Make sure you buy your tickets online! They’re $20-22 in advance and $30 at the door! And today’s the last day of the show, so you gotta go for the finale!

A little cray, we know, but that’s what makes this show so enticing. How is it going to end?! You’ll just have to go to find out.