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Shark Week Tacos!

August 13, 2012
11am - 10pm
Various locations

Who doesn’t love Shark Week?! There are like a billion reasons to love it (Shark Week drinking game, anyone?). But for now, we’re thinking eating a different Shark Week-inspired taco everyday may be even better than the drinking game.

Head to any Four Corners Tavern Group location to try a different Shark Week taco everyday starting today (through Friday).

Each day will feature a new taco inspired by creatures of the sea. The dish will include two tacos and a choice of side.

And if you don’t know what the Four Corners Tavern group restaurants are, let us clarify: Benchmark, Schoolyard Tavern, Crossing Tavern, Westend, Kirkwood Bar, Brownstone Tavern, Gaslight Bar and Sidebar Grill!

Here’s the menu for the entire week. Maybe try all five? Challenge accepted.

Monday: Korean Calamari Tacos – grilled ginger citrus marinated calamari with Napa cabbage and a peppery salsa naranja (a spicy orange flavored salsa), cilantro and toasted sesame seeds in a corn tortilla.

Tuesday: BLT Shrimp Tacos – spicy shrimp with a sriracha aioli, Black Forest bacon, grape tomato and basil salsa in a flour tortilla.

Wednesday: Grilled Salmon Tacos – grilled salmon with a roasted poblano and corn salsa topped with toasted pepitas in a flour tortilla.

Thursday: Caribbean Tuna Tacos – seared jerk dusted tuna and mango salsa in a flour tortilla.

Friday: Cajun Catfish Tacos – blackened catfish topped with Andouille sausage etoufee in a flour tortilla.