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“Red, White and Blue” Cooking Class at Epic

July 28, 2012
1pm - 3pm
112 W. Hubbard St., Chicago

So Fourth of July may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find other ways to celebrate your patriotism! And Epic has just about one of the most creative ways to celebrate our good ‘ole Miss America.

Epic is offering a themed four-course dinner menu that incorporates red, white and blue elements in the courses. Ohhh, and did we mention there’s a class today that allows you to learn all these super cool dishes so you can make them on your own? Yes, there is.

The cooking class begins at 1pm with a 30-minute kitchen demonstration. And after you prep, cook and plate your four courses, you can enjoy samplings of all the dishes you made, served family-style and along with wine pairings, of course! You’ll also get recipe cards to take home so you can make these all on your own!

The cost for the class is $30 per person and to reserve your seat in the class, call 312.222.4940. Check out the menu below!

“Red, White and Blue” Prix Fixe Menu

First Course:

Blue Crab Cocktail, Louie Sauce, Avocado

Second Course:

Red Oak Lettuce, Plums, Goat Cheese, Almond Vinaigrette

Third Course: 

White Fish, Crushed Peas, Lobster Reduction

Four Course:

Summer Berry Pudding, Blueberry Soup, Cultured Cream Ice Cream