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Mercat a la Planxa’s Summer Wine Dinner Series

July 5, 2012
5pm - 11pm
638 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago

Ever wanted to go to Spain but never got the chance? Well, we can’t necessarily bring you to Espana, but we can take you to a place where you can get some real authentic Spanish food, inspired specifically by the flavors of Barcelona and Spain’s Catalan region!

Mercat a la Planxa is bringing you to Spain with its summer wine dinner series! Offered twice a month with the menu changing each time, every menu features seasonal cuisine and wine pairings reflecting specific regions of Catalonia. And tonight’s region is Albarino! With the four-course menu, you’ll get to experience some amazing wine pairings. Delish!

Each wine dinner is $85 per person and reservations are required. So make sure you do so by calling 312.765.0524!

For now, we’ll let you experience the best of Spanish cuisine. We’ll get back to you about that trip.