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Mexican BBQ Cooking Demo at Mercadito

July 31, 2012
6pm - 8pm
108 W. Kinzie St., Chicago

It’s not everyday you learn how to cook with tequila. When we found out that Mercadito was going to teach us how to enliven all our BBQ needs with some tequila…we just couldn’t resist finding out more.

Head to Mercadito today to check out Chef Patricio Sandoval’s Mexican BBQ Demostration with Tequila Partida! Yes, you heard right!! Enjoy a unique fie-course dinner paired with cocktails, all for $55!

So what are these cool dishes and cocktails you’re going to experience? Well, expect crude de call de hacha of grilled diver scallops, grilled watermelon, pickled red onion and key-lime habanero broth and guajillo-arbol chile marinated skirt steak (say that three times fast) – all infused with Tequila Partida!

And to complement it all, enjoy some Spicy Summer Punch, which includes Tequila Partida, guajillo, citrus fruits, pomegranate, brown sugar and soda!

Ohhhh, and you’ll also get a take-home gift of Chef Patricio’s mole-q sauce, perfect for all of your summer BBQ needs!

Great meal, great cocktails (don’t forget the tequila) and a goody bag? We’re there!